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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Keep Kenderdine

You may recall the post I wrote when I heard of the closure of my beloved Emma Lake Kenderdine Campus. I was heartbroken as were so many. And by so many I mean thousands and thousands. Truly. It is a place that resonates with people all over the world. It seemed unbelievable that this could happen and yet it had. 

The University of Saskatchewan had found themselves dealing with serious budget issues and needed to cut costs. The Kenderdine Campus was first on the chopping block and on November 15th the University of Saskatchewan announced its decision to close the campus for three years to review its future. The main reason given for the closure was financial: they would save $500.000 in operational costs during the three years of the closure and they explained the cost of the work the campus needed was astronomical- way beyond their tight budget constraints. Unfortunately they focused on the "if we could have everything we could ever dream of for the campus" proposal as opposed to the "if we could just get the roofs to stop leaking and the cafeteria to be structurally sound" proposal.

I recognize the bottom-line is that the campus needs an injection of cash and it needs to be sustainable so this problem doesn't arise again. For the injection of cash issue the question begs to be answered, "Why not involve the thousands and thousands in the community that love this place- those who would gladly donate both time and money to Kenderdine? Why not use the the University's fundraising department and their resources to work their magic and give the Kenderdine Campus it's due?" Why not? It's a bit of a mystery to me. One thing is certain, by not consulting those with vested interest, the University of Saskatchewan made thousands and thousands of people upset.

I am happy to announce a new website and campaign to "Keep Kenderdine". It has been developed as a place for those that love the Emma Lake Kenderdine Campus to gather, to share ideas, to join the community and take action. This website is meant to be a constructive gathering place: people can share their photos and memories, their Statements of Support for Kenderdine and they can have their voice heard through the survey, forum and petition. Eventually fundraising will be underway. Ultimately the website serves as a home-base for the community at large.

Please visit:


and the Facebook page www.facebook.com/KeepKenderdine

Thank you!


Barbara Muir said...

I've signed the petition. I hope they save it!

XO Barbara

Anonymous said...

Well said. I am one of the thousands you speak of, who went to the Kenderdine Campus for (only) one week, every single summer, to paint. But that one week sustained me all year. It is a special place. I am working hard to keep it available for everyone. WE deserve it! Marsha

Anonymous said...

I a one of those people who have spent many productive days at Kenderdine and know its value as an artistic retreat and place of learning and development. I share your desire to see this splendid place reinstated and fully functioning as soon as possible.
Glen Sorestad

Nicki said...

Barbara, thank you for signing. You are a wonderful friend and I hope it is saved as well.

XO Nicki

Nicki said...

Marsha, Kenderdine is a special place and someday I want my boys to have the opportunity to experience it. Thank you so much for your passion and for what you are doing to make Keep Kenderdine a success. You are an inspiration.

With gratitude,

Nicki said...

Thank you Glen, I am so happy you know the Kenderdine experience and that you share fond memories of the place. It means so much to so many people and I know there are still many who had always hoped to get there someday. We have to make sure they have the opportunity- sooner rather than later!

Stop by anytime,