New Representation: my art is now available at the Assiniboia Gallery in Regina! They are located at 2266 Smith Street, a vibrant, bustling part of town.

November 15 - December 31, 2017: Holiday Salon - Small Works Show at Darrell Bell Gallery (street level ), running through the holidays, Darrell and his team have installed a grid of twenty of my 8x8's as well as a small wall of larger pieces at the front of the gallery. Lots of great gift ideas to be found by the many gallery artists on display.

Ongoing: my 8x8" original oil paintings are available exclusively at Darrell Bell Gallery located in the Canada Building in downtown Saskatoon. As well, some of my large oil paintings are now available in this beautiful local gallery.

November 10, 2016: I was interviewed by Daily Paintworks as their Spotlight Artist for a week! Read my interview on the DPW News blog!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Announcement - Sunday Spotlight

Welcome to a new part of my blog- Sunday Spotlight! 

I have been thinking about this for a very long time and meant to start it up in the new year, but one thing lead to another and it didn't happen. Here we are at the end of March and I am finally getting down to it!

This idea all came about last fall when I was feeling a bit over myself. Not that I am hung up on myself, but at the time my mood was quite negative and I my head space was consumed with thoughts of: "A blog, Nicki? Really? Who cares? Your parents? Your sisters? So you make art- who gives a rats-ass?" Yup, pretty negative for someone who is generally a glass-is-half-full kind of girl, but to put it in context this stinkin' thinkin' all happened around the time of the closure of my beloved Kenderdine Campus. At this time it just seemed to me that there was no point to the whole art scene since obviously nobody cared! Eventually, my thoughts turned to all of the local Saskatchewan people I know who have amazing creative and artistic talents. I started writing a list of what some of them are doing and I was blown away! And you know what? I care!!! Even if nobody else does (which, in a better state of mind, I know is not true), I discovered that I care! I admire each and every one of them, the work they do and the genuine guts it takes to pursue their passion. The creating and sharing of art is not for the faint-of-heart! This is when the idea struck that I should use my blog as a way of putting a spotlight on my talented Saskatchewan friends! So on Sundays when I make a post I am going to get over myself and on to someone else!* I am going to try not to be overly wordy with these Sunday posts; I plan to highlight the person with a brief introduction, provide links for you to explore and discover, and hopefully even use a few images with their permission.

So next week please watch for the first installment of Sunday Spotlight!

(I already have so much to share about the amazing artist who will be my first Sunday Spotlight that it will be a real challenge to not be wordy!)

* It should be noted that I do not expect anything in return from any of these friends and acquaintances. I am doing this simply because I want to and it feels right.


Judy Adamson said...

Great idea, Nicki! Looking forward to the first one . . .

Nicki said...

Judy, the first artist is amazing... and I think you will be intrigued by her recent connection to Great Britain!