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Monday, May 21, 2012

Unmade Beds And Buttercups

#28- Unmade Beds And Buttercups
6 x 6"
 oil on board
© Nicki Ault, 2012
(30 paintings in 30 days- Project II)

I've mentioned before that packed-down grassy areas at the Grasslands usually means that a group (pack? tribe? school? cluster?) of deers were resting there at some point. These areas are called Deer Beds. I came upon one such area last week, but I still don't know what the yellow flowers are. I've decided, for the sake of this title, that they are Buttercups!


-Don said...

This is really nice, Nicki! The blue-purple vertical strokes, the smoother green strokes and the diagonal yellow strokes all work so nicely together to guide my eyes through the composition... I like this one a lot.


Monika Kinner-Whalen / My Sweet Prairie said...

Buffalo Beans! I took photos of a cow pasture and they were everywhere on Sunday : )

Google to find photos of that and see if it's the same as what you saw.

: )

Nicki said...

Thanks Don... I made some last minute changes to this one after taking a picture and I think the composition works better than it did before (you will have to take my word for it!)


Nicki said...

Hi Monika... I do believe you could be right! What a funny name which I did Google and found a photo that was a bit small, but the plant looked very similar. The other images I found were just of the bean itself, which I don't recall seeing.