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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ground Swell

#12 - Ground Swell
6 x 6"
oil on board
© Nicki Ault, 2012
(30 paintings in 30 days- Project II)

I was so excited for the show today I woke up at 7:00 and couldn't fall back asleep... so what is a girl to do? Get up and do a daily painting! As you can see I played with the stormy part of the sky being at the horizon line. I really enjoyed swirling the thick paint around.

I had such an enjoyable day with my dad... my whole family, really. My mom handled the coffee and food, and my sisters helped with Dad's sales and meeting and greeting people. And my husband and the kids came for awhile. And people actually came! It was BUSY! What a wonderful turnout. I got to meet some of my dad's friends that I have never met before and I was able to introduce him to some of my friends, too. We are both exhausted tonight, but very content. Here are some more photos of the set-up...
Now off to get a good sleep for round two tomorrow!


Monika Kinner-Whalen / My Sweet Prairie said...

No kidding it was busy! How long did I have to wait in line to finally say hi to you? lol Nicki, I REALLY love the way the art was arranged in there. It's like each painting or group had just the right spot.
ps - I came home with a wine bottle stopper from your father and now my husband wants to commission something from him : )

Hope you all enjoyed yoruself. With today's rain, perhaps it will be less exhausting today.

: ) Good for you!!

~Monika & her 3 monkeys.

Nicki said...

Hi Monika,

Thank you so much for coming! Yes, it WAS busy. As great as that is it is so hard to manage. And I knew you were waiting and I kept getting pulled away... but one person that puled me away bought three little paintings! Anyway, I hope you had a happy birthday and thanks again for coming! I'm glad you liked my Dad's wood work. :)

XO Nicki

Barbara M. said...

Hi Nicki,

What a beautiful show, and the big sign outside is a great idea. Our art club should do that. Did it cost a lot? Fabulous work and I wish you and your Dad great sales and another awesome day.

Love the Ground Swell. You are something else.

XO Barbara

Nicki said...

Hi Barbara,

Yes, the big sign was fantastic and it came with the gallery! And they took care of putting the words on it for us!

XO Nicki