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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Under The Canopy - Forestry Farm

#28 - Under The Canopy - Forestry Farm
(30 paintings in 30 days project)
 6 x 6"
oil on board
© Nicki Ault, 2011  


Today was the first day in this project that I really hit a wall. I did not know what to paint even though I had plenty of options. Sammy spurred me on to use a photo I took from the Forestry Farm, so with that boost I got to work. To capture the light from under the canopy of the trees I decided to channel my inner Edward B. Gordon. Turns out I don't have one. Nuts! I love how he catches that bright, intense light. I think he often starts with a board that is gessoed black as opposed to white. As I worked I thought that would have been a good idea. Today was his daily painting #1634. Unbe-freakin'-lievable!!!! 

As I stare at this on the screen I see some areas that could use a good tweakin', but first I have a seven year old to read with!

*note- I did make some changes and I am happier with it now.


suzanneberry said...

lovely nicki!! don't ya hate it when you sit down to channel and find he or she isn't coming through, it's only you! that is however the best part! to see YOU and this is wonderful. and i can speak from experience, starting a painting on a black canvas makes all the difference. it seems to just paint itself somehow. enjoy the weekend!

Nicki said...

Hi Suzanne. Yup it was just me... and crickets chirping as I waited for Edward to arrive! He was a no show!

I will have to try a black ground again. I tried it last summer and had forgotten.

Take care and keep pumpin' out those gorgeous paintings!


Barbara Muir said...

So beautiful. Inner Edward B. Gordon. That's funny, I wonder how many of us are compelled to try and channel Edward. I think there are a lot of people out there trying to channel Nicki Ault. But those of us who have had seven year olds completely honour the importance of reading to your children. Those are special moments indeed.

A great painting and beautiful post.


Nicki said...

Hi Barbara,

Yes, Edward has that certain je ne sais quoi that we all want in our art!

My little fella is really getting his reading sorted out- it is a very exciting time.

Have a great weekend!

Nicki XO