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Monday, May 2, 2011

Glory at the City Limits

#4 - Glory at the City Limits- revised
6 x 6"
oil on board
© Nicki Ault, 2011

 (30 painting in 30 days project - original)

Four days into this project and I am finding it interesting how I have managed to squeeze painting into my day, whereas before I really thought I had no time. Nothing has changed except that I have simply made the time (she says as a light bulb flashes over her head!). 

I have always taken photos of my work soon after completion and usually outdoors on the soonest overcast day. I've had very good results and rarely feel the need to do much more than crop and sometimes sharpen the image. The colour is usually so close that I rarely feel the need to tweak. With this project I want to paint and post everyday, but the photos have been tricky to get; it has been very sunny and a couple of times I have painted later in the day and then can't get a good outdoor photo. Intriguing dilemma. What do the hard core Daily Painters do, I wonder? Maybe they have a set-up with proper lighting and diffusers, etc. Or maybe they paint early in the morning and then have more of a chance to grab the right light outside when it occurs. Hmmm. At any rate, there was a decent overcast sky when I finished today's painting, so I grabbed #2 and #3 and took better photos. What a difference! They are way more true to life now... and I have switched out the images so my blog posts now reflect the best versions of the paintings.


Barbara M. said...

So beautiful. I have got a set-up in my kitchen that goes up and down as needed. It's a simple sheet of white watercolour paper under the painting on a flat counter and a sheet of white foam core behind it leaning against the cupboards. This seems to ward off most of the possible coloured light that can come from the kitchen. Oh and the kitchen is very well lit with halogen lights, but I occasionally bring in a photo light from the studio too.

The radiance of your work comes through no matter what the photo looks like, but I must say the new shots are a treat. Love this painting today. Keep going.


suzanneberry said...

Lovely nicki!! the texture of the paint works so well!

i usually wait till dusk or if it's cloudy it doesn't matter. i usually shoot the painting in 3 different places hoping for less shadow play. great shot!

Nicki said...

Thanks for the tips! You two just keep on giving! I appreciate it!