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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Feelin' Sketchy Saturday

 20 minute sketch

 20 minute sketch

 8 minute contour drawing

20 minute sketch

I went to the drop-in drawing session this morning and mucked around with my pastels (I still have a small box from Grade 12 art class!). It was tricky today because they turned out the lights and had a spotlight facing into the class on the same wall as the windows. I was looking straight at the window/spotlight wall so basically the model was very dark except a halo of back-light all around her. If I knew how to sketch in that scenario I would have been golden! Never-the-less it was interesting (if not blinding)!

I love the contour drawing- I usually enjoy how they turn out. The last sketch, well, I was planning to do a white chalk/black charcoal sketch and then shoot in some colour patches like amazing Marcia LaBelle, but somehow she ended up looking like the Wicked Witch of the West!

Oh well, onward and upward!


Barbara M. said...

Hi Nicki,
These are great. And hey girl hey,
you've done wonderful work.

XO Barbara

cohen labelle said...

Hi Nicki! You are wonderfully kind to include me in your post! I love your work as you know. I’m thinking though, in terms of life drawing, you might have fun working with soft pastel and charcoal, (more tactile than hard pastel or at least easier to lay it on – also, not to worry about control or allow it to be an issue as control takes care of itself with the doing of it) – that said hard pastel is good for line and for tone too, but you have to work with more pressure with it.
Also I think you would enjoy different papers, maybe some that are toned which could also suit you for landscape.
xo Marcia

Nicki said...

Thanks Barbara. You are always so supportive!


Nicki said...

Hi Marcia,

You've given me lots to think about and investigate. I bought a pad of coloured papers that I will experiment with in the next little bit. I just love the way you draw- so loose and gestural and I love the bits of colour you toss in here and there. I want to be like you!