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Darrell Bell Gallery located in the Canada Building in downtown Saskatoon
Assiniboia Gallery in Regina, 2266 Smith Street- a vibrant, bustling part of town.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A Solo Show at Assiniboia Gallery!!!

detail of "Golden Tamarack on the Riffle"

It feels great to finally share my big news with you!

I have a solo show at Assiniboia Gallery!!!

For the past five months I have been working harder than ever to paint a collection of work that will comprise my first ever solo show in a private art gallery!

A year ago if you would have told me I would be represented by the Assiniboia Gallery, never mind that they would offer me a solo show two months after signing on with them, I very well might have told you to stop messing with me and asked you to give it a rest. Or something to that effect.

I feel extremely grateful and honoured that Jeremy and his team are giving my work the spotlight in their beautiful gallery for most of the month of June. I seriously do not want to disappoint, but thankfully I have never been more excited about painting and hopefully it will show in the work. It has been four years since my last solo show, which was at Hues Art Supply, and I am beyond excited to unveil what I believe to be my best collection of work to date. Starting tomorrow, and over the next few weeks, I will be releasing images of the paintings that will be in the show. The Assiniboia Gallery will also begin uploading images to this page on their website where the paintings will be available for purchase with the understanding that they are committed to hang in the gallery until the end of June.

My show, which I am calling "Mood", is all about the special moments you stumble upon when out in the landscape away from the busyness of life; those moments that take you off guard, stop you in your tracks and cause you to suck in your breath by the shear emotion of what you see. In this collection of work I have tried to paint the feeling of the moment with the colour and light being important elements to help create the mood.

The show will run from June 7-30th with an opening reception on Thursday, June 7th from 5-8 p.m. I will be there with bells on and I am going to count on you to help me spread the word! I don't know a lot of people in Regina, so please share this info if you know anyone who may want to attend. The official invitation will be coming soon.

Thank you for so much for your enthusiastic support and interest in my art. It feels great to share this milestone with you! You have kept me going since I started this blog almost nine years ago!
I look forward to your thoughts and comments as I post the work.

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