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Monday, January 9, 2017

Climb Inside The Sky

Climb Inside The Sky
oil on board
© Nicki Ault, 2017

I spent about three hours at the studio yesterday and I was far more productive than the day before. It really feels fantastic to be getting back into the groove. I managed to get a preliminary under-painting started on my big commission and then I painted "Climb Inside The Sky" as another study. I also set up my light box and started to prep 20 boards. 

As I worked on the above painting I was listening to Norah Jones. I have listened to her CD "Come Away With Me" many, many times while working, but today one song stood out more than the others...

"Painter Song" 
(Lee Alexander/J.C. Hopkins)

If I were a painter
I would paint my reverie
If that's the only way for you to be with me

We'd be there together
Just like we used to be
Underneath the swirling skies for all to see

And I'm dreaming of a place
Where I could see your face
And I think my brush would take me there
But only...

If I were a painter
And I could paint a memory
I'd climb inside the swirling skies to be with you
I'd climb inside the skies to be with you


And so I arrived at the title for this little sky.


Barbara Muir said...

Wow Nicki Girl,

You sure can paint, and you sure can write. How wonderful. So glad you have started again.
Inspiration is your middle name. Happy New Year!


Barbara Muir said...

Looks amazing already and what a fabulous feeling! Mentioned you on my blog! Oh yeah!


Nicki said...

HI Barbara... thank you, thank you and thank you!

I will pop over to "your place" to have a look. I thought my ears were burning!

X N.