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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm Rusty

quick studies
© Nicki Ault, 2011  

One of the exercises we did on the first day of class (after gesture studies to loosen up) was draw poses focusing on shapes and masses, not so much on line. This was a stretch for me because normally I would instinctively begin drawing the outline and then shade afterward. The top two are ten minute studies, one in pencil the other in vine charcoal, and the bottom one was a 15 minute study in vine charcoal. At this point I am definitely feeling rusty and like there are cobwebs blowing around in my head!


-Don said...

Hi Rusty...

I can just imagine the feeling. It's been a while for me - like almost 20 years - since my last figure drawing class. Kudos for diving in and having a go at it. And, thanks for sharing the journey.


Judy Adamson said...

Nicki, I think you've done very well indeed. Life drawing is probably the most challenging because you can't 'get away with' errors like you could if you were drawing a tree or a mountain :)

Like Don, I haven't done any life drawing for more than 20 years but I try to keep my drawing in practice by doodling while I'm watching TV! Some of my doodles turn into greeting card designs and some illustrate my blog posts, others remain as doodles - but I do think it's all good practice, especially if drawing people is involved.

Anonymous said...

hey Nicki, i just read your response to my comment under the previous post. you know artists/teachers had given me the information about loosening off and i never understood what they were on about until i felt it. art requires an emotional response to perfect this skill and i think that while we try to do what our teachers tell us, we still need to express ourselves as this journey belongs to each individual and is not about collecting information but seeking knowledge at a deeper level. These drawings clearly show you have talent and an eye for such studies... i wish you opportunities to discover the rest:)

Nicki said...

Hi Don,

I'm happy to share the journey... I just hope that at the end it was worth watching!

Rus... I mean, Nicki

Hi Judy,

Thank to you and Don for making me feel better about my hiatus from drawing! I always think that "real" artists draw and have sketch books with them at all times, but you two talented people have made me realize that isn't so.



Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a thoughtful response to this post. I appreciate your encouragement and understanding of where I am in this process.