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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gesture at Emma

© Nicki Ault, 2011 

I am back from the Kenderdine Campus and wish the drawing class I took was longer! It was all day Friday and Saturday with a bit of a recap on Sunday morning. I was extremely rusty, but loosened up a bit by the second day. If I hope to improve I am going to have to make more of an effort to draw more than a few times a decade. Anyway, I will share some of my work with you despite the fact that I am not overly thrilled or fired up about it. Above is a fast gesture drawing and I am happy with the marks; I even like the look of the adjustments I made (i.e. changed the position of the right arm and dropped the right foot down). The instructor, Wes Schafer, was really good and offered a different spin on things. It was his first time teaching and he did a great job. I'd like to learn more from him someday.

My little cabin
Home Away From Home

To me this campus is magical... when I am there I feel the history, I love the setting, I feel like I am part of nature in a really grounded way, I learn and grow and I have art talks that make me happy, happy, happy.


-Don said...

What a great cabin! (Good job getting yourself in the shot to prove you were there.) I'm afraid that if I were in so idyllic a spot I'd be out exploring instead of getting any work done. Kudos on pushing yourself. Keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...

hi Nicki, how wonderful that you got this opportunity to retreat and paint and stay in a fairytale cabin! and it sounds like you made the visit well worth your while. as for drawing, it is true, the more you do it, the freer you get as your brain realises that some stuff doesn't matter. I think sometimes understanding the journey helps me to loosen off at the early stages and save my concentration and analysis for the latter stages when i can see where things fall:) all the best to one admirable artist:)

Nicki said...

Hi Don,

I had to look again at my photos... I didn't know I got myself in the mirror! Ha! I might have to nickname you Hawk-eye!

It is an amazing spot, the only real glitch being the mosquitoes! There is usually time for exploring and working, but this was a short class so I was glad I had already experienced the area before.


Hi Rahina,

It was a great trip in a variety of ways. I got many sketches and drawings done plus five little plein air paintings. I need to draw more, that has officially been confirmed. I can't expect my kids to practice to get better at things and then not do it myself.

It is funny you made the comment about loosening up early and save your concentration and analysis for the latter stages. That is kind of what the instructor was guiding us through. Really looking at the shapes and forms, the shadows and planes and getting those things down. After you can go back in and tighten things up once they are placed. Gotta love that learnin' curve.

Thanks for your wonderful comment. You have definitely been an inspiration to me. I've enjoyed watching your journey and growth.


Barbara M. said...

Hi Nicki,

Welcome back. I like what you've done and love the post. The cabin reminds me of one we stayed in in Cape Breton, painted white inside, so pretty. I haven't blogged much lately -- very busy painting, but I'll be catching up soon. I'm so glad you had art talks that made you happy, happy, happy. Love the art talks myself.

XO Barbara