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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

After The Rain

After The Rain
30 x 30"
oil on canvas
© Nicki Ault, 2011  

I have been working on two large paintings at the studio and I am finally ready to show you this one which is based on a small piece I did earlier this year called "Field of Blues". This is the first time I have taken a small painting (8 x 8") and used it as a study for such a large painting. That in itself was a learning process and more of a challenge than I expected. The spontaneity of the brushstrokes in the small piece did not translate to the larger canvas in the same way. After quite a bit of struggle I finally stopped comparing them and began trying to make it work as a new painting in it's own right. Once I changed my mindset and once I got a bit of feedback from a couple of artists in the studio things began to sort themselves out. I am feeling pretty good about where things are at, but welcome any thoughts (D.M. Jr. I'm looking at you!) because I am not sure I am ready to call it done. 

*Note: the colours are overall a bit darker in the photo than in person.


-Don said...

I can just imagine the challenge it would be to try to translate your strokes from a smaller canvas to one 5x larger. The strength of the composition comes across beautifully, as do the colors. I love those blues and oranges.

Here's my one concern. The field seems to go from vertical strokes to horizontal strokes too abruptly. I'd love to see some of those vertical strokes worked a little more obviously into the middle ground - breaking up those longer, smoother strokes. I feel a strong confidence in your strokes on the lower half of the painting that seems to change to more tentative, "searching" strokes in the top of the field and the hills.

Did I mention how much I love the colors in this? What you have going on in those puddles and the grass and mud around them is spectacular! And, those blues in the sky with the touches of pink are superb. Did you use two different blues to create your sky and reflections?


cohen labelle said...

Your love for the landscape comes through beautifully as always. I love the warm cool contrast. The cold, cosmic blue of the sky and water against the warmth of the field. I feel as though I could step right into those puddles, with rubber boots on of course!

Nicki said...

Thank you so much, Don, I knew you could help me with the final tweaks! What you say makes sense and I will have a look at it at the studio this afternoon.

I am so glad that the composition is still strong in your mind and that you love what is happening in the foreground. That was the area that I had the most trouble translating from little to large, so at the studio the last couple of days I gave it a major overhaul and I am happy with it now, too.

As for your question about the blues I used, I am a bit hesitant to say for fear I may stop your pulse! I know you use a pretty limited palette when you paint... the number of blues I used is likely close to the number of colours on your entire palette! Ha! But in truth besides white I used predominately three blues mixed to varying strengths with each other and white... Cobalt Blue, Cerulean blue and Manganese blue. The other blues I used to lesser degree... Phthalo blue, Prussian blue and Radiant blue. And just because I love it so much and it is a new oil colour I just bought, I popped in a touch of Cobalt Turquoise here and there! Whew! Okay, you can get up off the floor now!

Thanks again!


Nicki said...

Thank you, Marcia. I love your description of my painting... "Cold, cosmic blue of the sky..." Mmmm. And I always feel so happy when people say they want to step into my paintings. You made my day!

XO Nicki

SKIZO said...


Nicki said...

Thanks again! Glad you stopped by, Skizo!