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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lost World

Lost World
6 x 6"
oil on board
© Nicki Ault, 2011

I felt the need to visit the peace and quiet of the Boreal forest for a little zen time, so I found an old reference photo and did this little painting last night. You see my husband returned last night after being away for the last 9 days and let me just say that while he was gone my repertoire of life experiences grew immensely. What's that? You'd like a few examples? Alrighty then....
1) I sat at a baseball tournament in June in 3 degrees Celsius weather

2) City girl me went on a farm field trip and had baby goats chewing on my rubber boots... while I was wearing them
3) I endured a long wait at the medi-clinic with a very fevery 7 year old. (That in itself is nothing new... someone always gets sick when my husband is away, however my son fell asleep- he never naps- in my arms for the entire 90 minutes we waited and I didn't want to move him, so my arms fell asleep and my leg went numb!)
And finally... drum roll...
4) I found myself following through with a very stressful situation involving Sheriffs and bullet proof vests!!!

I'm sure you'll agree that I totally earned the two glasses of wine that helped me find zen as I painted last night!


-Don said...

Yikes, Nicki! Yes, you did deserve AT LEAST two glasses of wine. And it looks to me that you found some tranquility in your "Lost World". It's so vibrant and joyful that with my first glance I thought you had painted a couple of Christmas Tree ornaments. Stay safe...


Flora Doehler said...

That painting looks like light emerging from the shadow...which is how things may feel around there with your child getting better and another adult around to share the stress and load!
whatever doesn't kill us, makes us stronger, eh?
Somehow your painting reminds me of an Emily Carr interior.
Fingers crossed that the days ahead are filled with happy, healthy kids!

Barbara M. said...

Woa! You totally earned the two glasses of wine. Great painting. It should be a law that husbands aren't allowed to go away. But I'm afraid that law doesn't exist.

Hope all is well now.

Nicki said...

Hi Don,

Yes, it has been a bit crazy lately, but the days are leveling off and I am getting more rest.

The night I painted this I went to bed thinking it needed more work and then the next day I decided to leave it. It isn't perfect, but I decided the reason I began it was purely for the sake of painting and the therapy it can give me as opposed to the end result.


Hi Flora,

Yes, whatever doesn't kill us does make us stronger... a lesson I have learned a few times in my life so far. When my husband goes away it is easier now than it used to be because the kids are a bit older, it just so happened that there was a lot going on this time and some of it very stressful. I do think I am stronger though and I know I handled a difficult situation relatively well.

Than you for your kind comment on this painting.


Hi Barbara,

I totally agree! Although there are many laws that should exist and don't!

Nice to hear from you.. I have to catch up on your blog today...