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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Autumn Dance

Autumn Dance
30 x30"
oil on canvas
© Nicki Ault, 2011 

I began this one last November and then life got crazy so it was put away. I pulled it out in January and spent more time working on it. It's almost done- in fact I thought it was, but now that I see it on the computer screen there may be a few spots I want to tweak. I wanted to paint this old tree with a lot of expression. I wanted it to look like it was dancing; celebrating really. The tree I used as reference is on my street. We live in a very old part of town- my house will be 100 in a few years- so the trees lining the street are old and glorious. This particular tree is huge, the bark is old and weathered and deeply grooved. This tree has seen a lot in it's day. There was another larger tree beside it on the other side of my neighbor's driveway. For some reason the City decided both trees were diseased and planned to remove them. They took the larger tree down... and it was perfectly fine. Despite this fact, they still wanted to take the other tree down. I think it all had more to do with liabilities and insurance- if anything ever happened in a storm and part of the tree came down it would do some damage. Anyway, a neighborhood protest saved the second tree and it remains on our street as a piece of history.

I had fun with a bit of photo cropping and found little paintings within the painting. Here are some detail shots:

As I look at this piece I don't think it has the feel of looking up the tree that I initially had hoped for. I'm trying to decide if I am okay with that or not. I think the lesson learned is that a rectangular canvas might help me better create that type of effect as I have done in the past with "Looking Up" and "Backlit Birch"

This is a photo I took of the remaining tree last year when I was shooting some reference pictures. My 6 year old son is showing the width of the trunk. Amazing. 


Sheila said...

I like this one Nicki! I can feel the heft and heaviness of this huge trunk! That cropping job is very cool... I wonder if you could post those to sell on a site like FineArtAmerica.com?

Janie B said...

Love this one! That tree has real character.

Barbara M. said...

Hi Nicki,

What a wonderful painting. I think it does everything you were trying to do and more. I love it!

See you soon!!! Wheeeeee!
Wa Hoo. XOBarbara

Flora Doehler said...

Gorgeous work Nicki!

Anonymous said...

this style of painting that you have used in quite a few of your paintings makes a powerful statement... a great way to continue and your perspective/composition and colour choices are excellent

-Don said...

I knew I was looking up into this magnificent tree right away. Great job! I'm glad you shared the photo of it with your son. It really gives even more perspective to the travesty that would have occurred should the city have taken it down.


Nicki said...

Hi Sheila,

I'm glad you get that feel from the painting - that the tree is heavy. Playing around with the cropping tool was fun, just to find details within the painting. I'll have to look up the website you mentioned.


Thank you Janie!

Hi Barbara,

I'm glad you think the things I was trying to "say" with this painting came through.

I can hardly wait to see you!

Nicki XO

Thank you, Flora! I appreciate it.

Hi Rahina,

Thank you for your comments. I know you have a great eye, so your impression of the painting means a lot.


Hi Don,

This tree really is something. It's huge and so full of personality. It is so unfortunate that the first tree came down, but would have been even more tragic if this one was lost, too. I'm glad you felt the looking up sensation from it.


suzanneberry said...

this tree has so much character, even cropped like this it could have a deep voice speaking part in some incredible wizard's tale. just lovely. i adore your brushstrokes and rich application of paint. so bold, strong and confident!

Karen G said...

it looks like a couple of tress, side by side, that grew into each other. I always think they leaned in for a hug and just stayed there! Nice inspiration. I LOVE all in the seires (well, painting and close-ups).

Nicki said...

Hi Suzanne,

Thank you for such generous words! I really appreciate your reaction to this one!


Hi Karen,

What a lovely comment. Thank you. I'm happy to hear you enjoy these paintings. And I am glad you found my blog!