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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Looking Up

acrylic on canvas
I wasn't sure what to post next... something else that is going to be in the show? A drawing? An older painting? Well, I decided I would show you the painting I just finished on Friday... mostly because I am excited about it. It is the follow-up to the painting I posted on October 7 called "Against The Sky". It is much larger and was lots of fun to paint. Unfortunately I think it shows a little dark in this image. I really wanted it to have the feeling of looking up at a tall Birch with shorter trees in the distance. I thought about calling it "Die Another Day" because it has all of these dead branches as you move up the trunk and then lots of lush green leaves reaching for life and sun. Hmmm, now I am thinking I should use that title. I don't know if this will be in the show, mainly because the pieces have already been established with the curator. If I don't use it I have decided that it may be the beginning of a new series and maybe could be the start of my next show... wherever and whenever that may be. I have already decided the title of this show could be "Tree Tops". Oh so many ideas, so little time! I am also busting to try portraits and figures... I have really never tried painting them (other than in first year painting class at university about 20 years ago). I am also busting to try pastels again, and toy with collage, and attempt oil painting, and tackle about a million other ideas swirling around in my head. I can really sympathize with Deborah Ross when she says she can get sidetracked with new ideas so easily!


Jendra Berri said...

I really love this painting.

Sheila said...

Ditto! I love this too! All that broken color work is wonderful! I think you'll really like the way you'll be able to play and manipulate oil paint once you get used to it. I can hardly wait to see what you do with it!

Barbara M. said...

Hi Nicki,

This is beautiful. I wouldn't call moving into a new idea getting sidetracked. It's just doing something new. If we don't try something new we end up painting the same thing, from the same angle 5,000 times. Of course that can be interesting too. It's all good.

The main thing is that this is a gorgeous painting.

Take care,


Marco de Vente said...


I like your work, especially the series of reflections.

-Don said...

This is beautifully done. I love those glimpses of red thru-out that compliment the greens so nicely. Your working title was really fun and fit it nicely.

Anonymous said...

Nicki, this is wonderfully rendered. the colours and composition are you: i mean i wound be able to say 'yep, Nicki painted that, it's her style. i also think an exhibition on this topic would be an excellent idea. can you email me at rahinaqh@gmail.com

Nicki said...

Thanks Jendra. I enjoyed looking at your blog and also really got a kick out of the link you had to Cake Wrecks. Hilarious!

Thanks Sheila. I'll let you know via the blog what happens if I try oils. I'm definitely curious.

Hi Barbara,
Thanks so much. I'm glad you like this one. I am happy with the result. Trying new things certainly keeps life interesting and hopefully keeps our paintings fresh.

Hi Marco,
Nice to meet you. Thanks for having a look... and I am glad you like the reflections... they are one of my favorite things to paint.

Hi Don,
Nice to hear from you again. I appreciate your feedback.

Take care everyone! Thanks for taking the time to comment.


Ess Bee Dub said...

Hi my friend... I love this painting. I'm not of a painterly mind, as you know, so the technical conversation about his piece is beyond me. All I know is, I'm having a crazy few days, very hectic and stressful, so I clicked over to your blog to take a minute of "me time"... and I got a mental and emotional breather just from sitting and looking at this incredible tree with the sky behind it. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I really needed that tree! A big hug of gratitude (and admiration!) to you!

Nicki said...

Oh, how nice to hear from you my friend!!! And your comment made my day! I am so glad you found my painting when you needed it and it gave you a little break from a crazy day. Sounds like we need to do coffee and have some girl time!

XO :0)

Anonymous said...

Nicki, your comments is not a full page but opens in a comment box... so whatever you have done, it works:)r.

Nicki said...

Thanks Rahina, I am glad it is working that way for you and hopefully for everyone else, but for some reason for me the comments are still going to a full screen instead of a pop-up box. Some weird boggy glitch.

Chuck Dilmore said...

Ooo, i love this!

the perspective.
the clarity.

beautiful work!

Nicki said...

Thanks Chuck, I'm glad it caught your eye.
:0) N.