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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Is It Done?

acrylic on canvas
(reworked- no longer looks like this)

So this is the big abstract reflection I have been working on. I think it is done, but before I varnish it I thought I would see if anyone has any comments. It went through a lot of changes and it is now at a point where I feel pretty good about it and I worry that if I put the brush to it again I might just ruin it. I love, love, love doing reflections, abstract or otherwise. As it turns out I do have several of the abstract variety that will be in my show and they are all based on the images in my mind and the photo references I had from Spruce River, P.A.N.P. Every time I have gone there to paint, the river looks different. This particular time there were hundreds of water striders on the surface. The water was spinning and swirling like I had never seen before. The reflection was agitated and almost seemed alive. To me, it was spectacular. I kept thinking that the little bugs looked like they were dancing as they skimmed the surface. This impression influenced the naming of all these abstract reflections. For example the first one I posted on August 24 which is 40x30 is named "Water Striders- Big Broadway Number" and the little 7x7 I posted on Sept. 7 is called "Water Striders- Foxtrot". Today's painting is called "Water Striders- Street Performance" and I have more I will post in the coming days. It's fun and a little silly... and I feel a bit like I'm giving some props to one of my favorite shows... So You Think You Can Dance. These names make me smile, however, not only is it scary to share my paintings, but I also feel nervous about what people will think of the titles I give them. I am quite determined to never call any of my work "Untitled 1", "Untitled 2", etc. And why not stick a little humour in? Smiling can't hurt and it might even boost the enjoyment of the piece.

Some details:


Sheila said...

I love it. I'll bet it's stunning in person!

Tammy Hext said...

I love it too. How do you get such a great photo of a large piece?

jdr said...

I completely love this painting, sister! Wow! I've always loved seeing the tiny ripples along the top of the water as bugs make their way across ... it IS like they are dancing or performing!! I especially love the way you see glimmers of color which make the whole thing just seem like it is living. I adore you and your paintings.

I had fun with the boys yesterday - as expected - and I just truly love them. See you all at mom and dad's for dinner!

Nicki said...

Hi Sheila,
Thank you. I also hope it is stunning in person! I'm too close to the subject to tell. It is definitely a different effect to see the painting full scale as opposed to on a computer screen.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great Sunday! (I was going to say Thanksgiving, but you aren't in Canada) :)

Take care,

Hi Tammy,
Thanks so much. I bought a new camera this spring and I absolutely love it. Actually it is my friend's old one- a Canon Elph PowerShot 10000- and it takes great pictures. Waaaaaay better than the old Sony digital we had. I have a nail on the fence in the backyard and if I have a painting I need a picture of I go out in the early evening or on an overcast day and take a few pictures. Once downloaded I just straighten and crop... rarely do I feel any need to adjust the colour. I don't use a tripod so occasionally I may have to sharpen the image.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Buddy Boy!

Thanks for the love! The kids had a blast yesterday and have already been wondering when they can go to your house again!

see you later,
XO Nicki

Chuck Dilmore said...

this is lovely!

i think it's done...
it could not be more perfect, Nicki!


Jeffrey J. Boron said...

I can't tell if its done Nicki, but it's a beauty the way it is! Great series you are putting together but as always I am sure it is so much more in real life!
Good stuff...love those colours!


suzanneberry said...

WOW!!! stunning! I love your boldness and courage with the brush!! Bravo!

suzanneberry said...

Me again! Nicki, I cannot thank you enough for such kind and generous words! I appreciate them so very, very much! Wow, maybe I'll look around for a competition, thank you You are so kind. And thanks for the good wishes, the babies are so amazing. I haven't smiled this much is quite some time. Again your words mean a lot, thank you so very much.

Nicki said...

Hi Chuck,
Thank you so much... and once again I really loved your post the other day... still gives me chills when I think about it.

Hi Jeffrey,
I'm glad you like it as it is. I hope to post some pictures of the pieces hanging together once the show is up so stay tuned.

Hi Suzanne,
Thanks for swinging by! It's nice to hear from you and I am glad you like this one.
You are welcome... you are such a huge talent and I meant every word.
My sister has a dog and he has brought so much joy to her life it is almost a miracle. I hope your little fellas bring the same type of unconditional love to you.
:) Nicki

Anonymous said...

hi Nicki, it's looking good but it is difficult to say as you are the reflections person and you know what you wanted to achieve. perhaps using your experience of post august 24th on your blog (which is stunning, painting btw) and reflecting on what made it complete in your mind might help you make the decision for this one.

Nicki said...

Hi Rahina,

Yes, when I think about what I wanted to achieve with this painting, my list is for the most part checked off. I wanted it to be darker in colour and mood than my previous large abstract reflection. I wanted it to have more little ripples and lines in the composition... maybe slightly more agitated and swirling. I think these things were accomplished, but I hope it is balanced and that the eye moves around all of the spaces well.

Thanks for your input... you are always so wise in your advice.

Take care,

Lisa Palombo said...

Love it! Beautifully abstract.
Thank you for visiting. I look forward to following your blog. Happy Painting!

Nicki said...

Nice to meet you, Lisa. Your paintings were beautiful. Thanks for stopping by!

Paul said...

Lovely painting and each of the details could have made separate paintings too.
Great sense of gentle movement and colour.

Nicki said...

Wow! Paul, you have knocked me over! I am so appreciative that you stopped by to look at my blog... and took the time to comment! I am a huge admirer of your work and have enjoyed looking at your amazing posts time and time again. In fact, I just recently looked at the door knocker painting and found the story to go with it fascinating.

Thank you for coming by!