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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Exciting News!

Okay, I just had to share the extremely exciting news that happened in my little world yesterday....

Storm Clouds Lifting  
acrylic on canvas 

For the last few years I have been using a little corner of another artist's space which is part of a larger studio  space shared by 8 artists. She is the instructor I had for the first class I took 10 years ago through the U of S Extension Division when I decided to rediscover my artistic side, and she has been a true blessing in my life. I will write a full posting about her because she deserves more time than I can give right now. Anyway, about three years ago she saw I was a mess and very wisely decided I was desperately needing some "me time". She was about to go teach at the Emma Lake campus for the summer so she asked if I wanted to take care of her plants at the studio and use the space a bit while she was away. I did. When she got back we continued on... I was rarely using the space because the kids were so little and she and I wouldn't have been there at the same time, so the arrangement worked and it helped her out a little bit with the cost. Zoom a few years later and my little people are just a tinge older and these small pockets of time are opening up for me. This fall I have been at the studio almost every afternoon whereas even just last year I might get there one afternoon a week for just barely 2 hours. Well, yesterday when I was there working on my large reflection ( the one I posted on Oct. 11- yes, I'm tweaking it- I don't think it was done) one of the artists came in and announced that she was giving up her space. I said impulsively "I'll take it!!" and next thing I knew it was mine! I take it over on December 1st!!!! YAY!!! There is really no place in my house to set up a studio unless we converted the attic, but it is so wonderful to be in an environment with other working artists. And it is in the neighborhood.... down the street and around the corner from the school. These studio spaces rarely come up and I just felt I had to grab it because who knows when the opportunity would come around again. It will be so fun to set it up the way I want and really put down roots. I am unsure whether or not I will look for someone to share the costs with, but I can worry about that later, right?

This painting will be in the show with the "Looking Up" tree on my last post. I got word back from the curator yesterday and she thought they were "lovely" and we could work them in. So that is it. I am set! And the framer will be able to get them done in time. Woo hoo! Yesterday was a very good day.


Sheila said...

wow... a show, a studio... you're like a professional artist or something. Congrats on getting you own studio!!! How cool. I want to be just like you when I grow up.

jdr said...

Yahoooo! Nick, I am so excited! Your very own space to set up and leave set up ... what a luxury! Will there be a comfy chair for me to sit in when I come and visit?!?! It will be another "hidey-hole" for the gals!

Nicki said...

Hi Sheila,
You make me laugh! Those two thing s sound pretty cool to me, too! But I am not even close to a professional artist... a long way from it.

Hi JJ,
Oh I can hardly wait until December! You will have to visit me.... I'll make sure there is a comfy chair.
Luv U

Barbara M. said...

Hi Nicki,

Great news. I'm really happy for you. Gorgeous painting too. I sure wish I could see that show.

Take care,


Nicki said...

Thanks Barbara,

Nice to hear from you and thanks for taking a moment out of your hectic schedule to comment. I'll post some photos once the show is hung next week and then I'll probably post some of the reception too.

I love your most recent posts and I am heading over to leave you some comments too.

Take care,