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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Water Striders- Street Performance

Water Striders- Street Performance
40 x 30" 
acrylic on canvas
© Nicki Ault, 2010

This painting was in my show at  Moka Coffee Bar which I just took down the other day. Unfortunately it was hung in the least desirable spot... a very dark wall with poor lighting. These colours really did not show at all. It was a painting I posted before and then decided to rework... unfortunately resulting in a very rigid, monochromatic, lifeless painting that I ultimately didn't like. About 2 days before hanging my paintings at Moka, I thought, "What the heck- I can't hate it more than I do now!" so I got the paints out, turned the music up and went for it. I threw in more colour, tossed in more movement and worked fast. I like it now, even more than the original painting that I probably never should have tampered with in the first place. But in the end I like this version the best, so it's all good.

Note: This is one of several paintings I have done from photo references I took two summers ago at Spruce River, P.A.N.P. It is one of my favorite spots to paint en plein air and it looks different everytime I visit. This particular time the surface of the water was covered in little water strider bugs skimming along the surface. The water looked alive with rings of movement making the reflection of the forest above dance. All of the paintings are named with the theme of dance in some way. You can see a few here, and here.


Janie B said...

Love it!! It really looks like moving water reflecting the trees and sky. So realistic! Beautiful work, Nicki.

Nicki said...

Thanks Janie! So nice to hear from you! I'm glad you had such a great reaction to this one.


Sheila said...

Oh Nicki, your unique style really shines with this beautiful painting. It is truly mesmerizing!

Barbara M. said...

I love it Nicki. I also like your description of the thought process -- we are so hard on ourselves. You made me laugh though, because what artist hasn't had that thought.


Karen Martin Sampson said...

Sometimes the mistakes turn out to be blessed events...such as here where you decided to go for it and paint over it again. It has movement and colour and excitement. Too bad it was hanging in the wrong spot for your show! I hate when that happens.

Judy Adamson said...

I agree with what everyone else has said. But what jumped out at me was that you 'turned up the music'!

I find that music (loud!) is the best way to let go of too much thought and allow myself to paint intuitively. Is it perhaps the same for you, Nicki?

Nicki said...

Hi Sheila,

Thank you! I'm so happy to hear you find it mesmerizing! What a great word and compliment.


Hi Barbara,

Hee hee. It's true though, and it quite liberating to feel that way because whatever is done theoretically should be an improvement!

Nicki Xo

Hi Karen,

So nice to see a comment from you again. I'm glad you like this painting. It was hard, something had go go in that poorly lit spot, and this one was large enough to stand on it's own, so it was chosen.


Hi Judy,

I don't always paint that way because I am in a studio with other artists, so if they are in their space I have to keep a lid on it. I was alone when I reworked this one and I am so glad. I wonder how it would have ended up if the music wasn't pumpin'.


-Don said...

Sheila's word is perfect for this beauty - mesmerizing, indeed! I'd say your final inspired flurry paid off huge.

I'll bet that last painting session was a blast. To paint with no fear of failure while the music is "pumpin'" has to be one of the most liberating experiences I've ever enjoyed.


Nicki said...

Thanks Don,

I always appreciate your opinion, so I am thrilled to know that you think this one worked out. And yes, I completely enjoyed reworking this and got lost as I listened to the music. It was an excellent painting session.