Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Life Drawing Sessions

graphite on newsprint
© Nicki Ault, 2015

graphite on newsprint
© Nicki Ault, 2015

I am enjoying the Monday night life drawing sessions at Atelier 2302- I will be there this evening. Here are a couple of my not-so-bad efforts from two different Mondays. The first one was a forty minute drawing and the second one was about twenty minutes. I was just starting to figure out the shadow shape when the time was up. 

I have noticed a change in my approach to drawing since I have become a student at the atelier. I think the change is good and demonstrates growth. I actually feel like I see better. I've been trying to construct my drawings with ghosty-bandy lines and I have been thinking about apexes, shadow shapes and alignments which is something I never did before. At least not so deliberately. I went back over the lines of these drawings to darken them up so the camera would see them.

We are a quiet group, the Monday night session. When the model takes a break, the room is quiet. I have such an urge to crack jokes and lighten the mood, but one of the first days when I tried, no-one engaged so I took that as a hint. I've never been the class clown before and I am not sure this is the time or place to try it out!


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Nicki,

Great work. No joking around? Too weird. I could not learn in such a serious environment. Plus you know what I have no idea what you're talking about with these terms so you're way ahead of me in the drawing department. My
art group is very jovial and funny on the breaks -- quiet as mice when we're working.

Keep on going brave quiet soldier of art ;-)


Nicki said...

It would be so fun to be at your art group with you. I am just getting accustomed to the terms- I am starting to get past the point where it is all Greek to me!