Friday, August 7, 2020

An Unplanned Hiatus and Now a Planned Hiatus

Fading Light

oil on canvas, 36x48 inches


I think it would be fair to say I have let my blog slide. 

This has been a year for the history books, has it not? I hope you are safe, healthy and coping through this unprecedented time. Some days I am doing well, some days I am not. I have learned in a health crisis it is best to take one day at a time, not watch the news too much and to limit scrolling on Facebook! My preferred form of pandemic entertainment has been watching comedians on Netflix and YouTube, specifically John Mulaney, Ricky Gervais and also Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars.

Somehow six months has lapsed since writing a blog post. Even before the pandemic hit I was considering winding my blog down. It has been a great source of joy over the last ten years and it has certainly been a great motivator in producing work - especially in my early painting days. I often can't believe this blog spans a decade. A decade. Wow.

Things shift and change, however. New ways of doing things evolve, lessons are learned and hopefully one becomes wiser. Over the last several months, despite the brain-fog of the pandemic, I have found a bit of clarity. It is time for me to officially declare that I need to make some adjustments, which really have already happened, but without word from me and I apologize for that.

I am deeply grateful for those who have kept tabs on this blog and who have followed my journey as an artist up until this point. I find myself wondering where I would be right now if it weren't for this forum. Without it, I am not sure I would have established traction for my paintings. I now find myself in the amazing position of having a career in art and my energy needs to be focused on creating it rather than writing about it on multiple platforms. I have decided to pause my blog and I have also decided to turn off my Daily Paintworks page. I have been procrastinating these decisions for awhile, but now that the words are written, it feels right.

I still love my art profiles on both Instagram and Facebook and I love interacting regularly there. My website is the very best place to check out new and available work - I am so happy I built it. Seventeen new paintings will be uploaded over the weekend! Also, please consider signing up for my newsletters at the bottom of any page of my website as I will be sending one out soon. I envision them becoming a quarterly occurrence, but I have already decided that they will not be held to a strict schedule and they will always be a bit different. For those of you who receive these blog posts as emails, I hope you will consider going to my website to subscribe to my newsletter as I am unable to transfer you over myself. For ease, go to the bottom of this page on my website to subscribe.

Drama By the Service Road

oil on canvas, 24x24 inches

Sepia Light

oil on canvas, 16x20 inches

Under the Canopy 

oil on canvas, 48x48 inches


I may show up here once in awhile or maybe someday I will reinvent my blog through my website. Who knows! The possibilities are endless and I am excited to see where the next ten years go.

Thank you for all of your support. Let's stay connected!

~ Nicki

Liquid Light 
oil on canvas, 30x48 inches

Light of Lights
oil on canvas, 20x20 inches

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Barbara Muir said...

Love your work, and am very sorry that you're deciding to stop blogging. Your blogs have inspired me so much. I get it. This year I promised myself I'd blog every day, and I will because I promised. Someone called it my spiritual practice, but I just think it's a practice. And in these hard times, the small amount of time I invest in it, is a very good thing.

Love your work, love you.