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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Saskatchewan Arts Community Needs Your Help.

Augustus Kenderdine's original cabin
still standing at the Emma Lake Kenderdine Campus, Saskatchewan,
 almost 100 years later

I am not sure I have ever been more happy to have a blog in my life... or to have a Facebook Fan Page. The reason? For the potential reach these social media tools may have... and not for my own self-serving agenda, but for a larger and exponentially more important purpose. 

I am hoping this post can aid in change. Please consider signing the petition that has been started. Here is the link:

Yesterday the University of Saskatchewan made an announcement that is yet another blow to the arts community in our province and because of the historical significance of this site it is, in fact, a blow to the Canadian arts community. The very short-sighted decision has been made to close the Emma Lake Kenderdine Campus for three years and put it's future under review.

It is all about finances and they are making it sound like the campus is in such disrepair that it is perhaps beyond help. This is not true- I was just there this past summer and I thought it had never looked better. While I'm sure it could use some upgrades, it is more than a safe and functioning site. The U of S has found itself in a real budget crisis, which has nothing to do it's satellite campus at Emma Lake, but yet the Emma Lake Kenderdine Campus has somehow found itself first on the chopping block.

Any idiot can figure out that if they leave this campus to sit dormant for three years, with no maintenance or upkeep, it absolutely will fall into disrepair and will cost even more to upgrade. This decision is a death sentence. The approximately $500,000 in operating costs over the three years the university is saving by making this decision is laughable. Honestly? Seriously??? The university's budget deficit is $42,000,000!!!! Yes, I said $42 MILLION!!! To lose this provincial treasure when it's loss hardly scratches the epidermis of this monsterous and shocking number is absolutely absurd. And this decision is even more offensive when the Kenderdine Campus has had nothing to do with the budgetary mess that has manifested at the U of S. "They" say the Kenderdine Campus needs about $3,000,000 in upgrades and work in the coming years. Okay. How does that not seem do-able with some hard-core fundraising, some innovative approaches and a vision?

I realize that many of you who read this post will not have heard about the Kenderdine Campus, but it is a real place in the Northern Boreal forest of Saskatchewan. It is a place of inspiration, peace, and ideas. It is a place that employed caring, hard-working, dedicated staff. It is a place rich with history and even has a huge connection to the arts scene in New York City back in the 50's! Believe it- it's true! It is a place where art and science come together. It is a place that is almost one hundred years old and began with one man's idea. It is a place that should exist whether you would ever have the chance or privilege to get there one day or not. 

Please consider signing the petition. The link is above. It will only take minutes. Your signature might be the one that reverses the decision. And please consider sharing the link to the petition. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Note: I tried to put a link to The Emma Lake Kenderdine Campus website and this is now what comes up.

6 comments: said...

Nicki, I blogged about this and linked to your post. I hope to make it to the meeting on the 20th.

So they are saving $500,000 over 3 years???? come on! Surely we can organize high end art auctions that can pull that money in.

~M. :(

Barbara Muir said...


I signed the petition. This makes me sad.

XO Barbara

Lorraine Khachatourians said...

NIcki, this is just another crack in this University's fall from academic institution to a business. The arts are an easy target. They want to be a 'world class research facility' hence the explosion of edifice building. These edifices have no operational funds - they weren't budgeted. I have signed the petition and will be at the town hall. This is disgraceful.

Nicki said...

Thank you Monika... and I appreciate the link.

Nicki said...

I'm sad too Barbara.


Nicki said...

Disgraceful is a good word, Lorraine. And the government needs to take some responsibility for pulling back money that was promised to the university and in turn causing such a bleak situation for so many people. In times of economic boom for our province, how is this happening?