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Monday, July 30, 2012

Loyalty and Empathy

Loyalty and Empathy: 
Life on the Prairies
24 x24 "
oil on canvas
© Nicki Ault, 2012

I delivered this painting last night to my dear friend who has always wanted a piece of my work. She came to the Family Tree show that Dad and I had in May and fell in love with two paintings, "Kindness and Joy" and "Dreams and Opportunities". She asked if I would be able to paint something along those lines for her and of course I wanted to try. The square format was a bit of a challenge as the other two were very rectangular, but I decided to zoom in on the subject even more and then I found a composition I liked.

I met my friend almost exactly ten years ago when we were both brand new mommies. We happened to have signed up for the same mommy/baby class through Public Health and when we got talking we realized she lived a few blocks down from me. We connected immediately and, in many ways, became a lifeline for each other in those early baby days. Her family no longer resides around the corner and our lives have gotten progressively more busy with active kids, but we still find time to connect and support each other. In keeping with the other two "Life on the Prairies" paintings that were inspired by friends, I have used her initials in the title- L.E. for Loyalty and Empathy. She has been a wonderful, loyal friend who has offered me many conversations filled with empathy and understanding over the years. 
I hope this painting gives her tremendous joy and I hope she realizes each brushstroke was applied with love.


Kim Rempel said...

That's beautiful Nicki (the painting and the story). Another nice thing to connect you two : )

Nicki said...

Thank you Kim!

Judy Adamson said...

It's very different from your usual style, Nicki, and the square format emphasises that. But I really love it and I'm sure friend will too!

What a talented lady you are!

Nicki said...

Thanks Judy. I helped her hang it at her cabin the other day, so I will post a photo of it in it`s new home soon. It looked really good and she was very excited.