Monday, July 16, 2012

Breaking Free

Breaking Free
16 x 16"
oil on cradled panel
© Nicki Ault, 2012

I am currently working on panels for an upcoming show using some of my favorites from the "30 paintings in 30 days- Project II" series. "Breaking Free" is based on "Rising" which you can see below. 

I have rarely used my little paintings as studies for larger work, but it is going quite well. I think the key to making this work for me is that I haven't increased the size too much from the little 6 x 6" format. I know if I went really big I would get bogged down with trying to add more information and details in order to fill up the space. I am trying to stay conscious of being loose and expressive with my brushstrokes and so far it is working in three of the four 16 x 16" paintings I have on the go. You'll have to let me know what you think as I post them.


-Don said...

Hi Nicki... Sorry I've been absent for a while. There was no real reason except I was taking a bit of a break - looking in every now and then, but not really taking the time to stop and comment. I know, I know, that was very unsocial of me...

Breaking Free is a nice continuation of what you started with Rising. I especially like how you've worked the brushstrokes in the blue part of the sky. Their vertical flow helps to guide my eye through and away, accentuating the feeling of Breaking Away.

I look forward to seeing the rest of the set as they come by.

cohen labelle said...

Working from studies is something I always mean to do but rarely get around to it, so I think it’s a great thing to do. I love what you do with earth and sky and the energy in this new piece!

Judy Adamson said...

Hi Nicki - just like Don, I've been semi-absent for a while, simply because so many unexpected, time-consuming things seemed to happen, one after the other. Hopefully, things will be different now.

You're spot on about using a small study for a larger piece of work. It can be quite difficult to pull off for the reasons you say. But you're doing very well with it and I'm sure you'll have plenty of stored up material to work with!

Looking forward to seeing more . . .

Nicki said...

Hi Don,

No need to apologize at all! It is summer after all and you have been a very busy guy. Of course I love hearing from you so when the mood strikes your comments are always welcome!

Yes, I hear what you are saying with the vertical brushstrokes in the sky. It changes the feeling. I like how distant the trees and horizon seem in this version as well.

Well, I hope you are having some great days creating and thanks for saying hi!

Nicki said...

Hi Marcia,

So good to hear from you! I love your recent drawings.

I have always meant to work from the little 6x6 paintings to make larger pieces. It is perfect to try it right now because I don't have a lot of time to paint with the kids being out of school. Using the 6x6's as studies means I don't have to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, and I can get working on a painting that I already think will work.

Glad you like the energy in this one.


Nicki said...

Hi Judy,

I completely know what you and Don are saying- I, too, have not been diligent about leaving comments in my favorite places. Life gets busy... and sometimes I get lazy! :)

I have more paintings I want to use as studies- you are right- the key right now is finding the time.

So nice to hear from you!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Nicki,

Love the larger work too -- so gorgeous. I like the idea of big from small, and of letting it be. I think it would be natural to add if you went really big. This size is perfect as is your work. Love it.

XO Barbara

Nicki said...

Thanks you Barbara! You always have the most encouraging things to say. I love your work as well... the salads... mmmmm.

XO Nicki