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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dogwood Trio

Reach Out
Surround Me
each 10 x 10"
acrylic and oil on canvas
© Nicki Ault, 2012

If I may say, these paintings make me happy! I had hoped they would sell as a group and, in fact, they did. I am thrilled they are hanging together in a very happy home and I am sure that if I wanted I could even go visit them!

I am so excited about the class I am taking in August at the Emma Lake Kenderdine Campus. I am intrigued by abstract art (well, some abstract art) so this class called "Abstract Expressionism in Painting" should offer a good opportunity to learn and explore. I really want to play with my abstract reflections again and also elaborate on this abstract branch idea. There are not enough hours in the day! Sheesh! And I still want to experiment with portrait painting someday!!!

When I was working on these three pieces I spent time thinking about the different branches and the stories they might tell. I got thinking about my own life about a year ago when I was extremely stressed by several scenarios in my life. I lost weight, I had trouble sleeping, I was near tears 24-7 and I didn't ever want to be alone. Whew. It was a rough patch and it felt like it would never end. But it did. Now looking back I see the story and what got me through. Various things that were happening had me very confused. I felt like the branches in the first painting- my emotions were all over the map: overlapping, tugging, pulling, tangling and intertwining with each other. It was a lot of "Confusion". It didn't take me long to realize that I couldn't handle all these difficult scenarios by myself, so I had to "Reach Out" to family, friends and, in one case, the authorities!!! And finally once I had this layer of insulation in place I felt a bit of relief. Thank goodness I had people to call on to "Surround Me".


Barbara Muir said...

What a great story. So good that the people around you helped to pull you through. I'm glad that you had a good Canada Day.

XO Barbara

Kim Rempel said...

Oh Nicki - that's a great background to those paintings! And isn't it wonderful to be in a good place? I'm happy these sold together - they make a perfect trio. I just LOVE the middle one. Still envying you your course!!

Nicki said...

I have great people around me and life is about ups and downs, so you have to roll with it as best you can.

Hope you are enjoying the summer so far.


Nicki said...

Hi Kim, yes, it is wonderful to be in a good place. I remember my sister once saying to me years ago that if it weren't for the bad times you would not know when the good times were.

I'm so glad you like this set. After all you are rockin' the abstracts and I know you have a great eye. I actually made a "3 for ..." price to encourage them being purchased together. I'm glad it worked!

We must be on top of the calendar for 2013 and try to get you out here so we can take a class together. Fo sho!