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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Old Friend- Tree in Progress

 Old Friend  
(in progress)
 24 x 36"
acrylic on canvas

I began a painting last Friday and continued working on it today. I have been wanting to tackle another tree from a low perspective looking up. I tried it in "Autumn Dance" and it was never what I wanted it to be- in fact it is now facing the wall at the studio. It could have been the square format on that piece that really threw me off. At any rate I am trying it on a rectangular canvas and it feels much better... plus this time I am painting a Birch tree... and using acrylics.

When I was at Waskesiu Lake with my family on the Labour Day long weekend, I went for an evening walk with the purpose of taking resource photos to use this winter. As I wandered along a trail behind the Nature Centre I was looking up at all of the gorgeous Birches. I glanced at this beautiful tree to my right and without as much as a nano-second of hesitation I thought, "Well, hello old friend!" As I stared at the tree wondering why it seemed so familiar, I realized it was the same tree I painted in "Looking Up" two years ago! I had long forgotten where that tree was, but the instant I saw it again I knew we had "met" before.


Anonymous said...

your tree paintings have such a lovely energy Nicki.. i can feel the breeze and hear the leaves when i look at these paintings.
and good to hear you bumped into an old friend recently;)

-Don said...

How cool that you bumped into your "old friend". I notice that the two of you are getting more familiar now and you're getting up a little closer and more personal. :-)

I think you're capturing the feeling of looking up into the tree quite nicely. My neck is feeling a little stiff from looking up...

I enjoy seeing your progression shots. Thanks for sharing them.


Kim said...

Full of energy and drama - love it. And what a clean studio. I've got some work to do...!

Nicki said...

Rahina, what generous words. Thank you kindly.

Hi Don,

It was quite something, the immediate sense of familiarity I had when I looked at this tree. And yes, I felt it was time we got to know each other a bit better after all these years!

Sorry about your neck!

Hi Kim,

I hope I can finish this baby with the same energy as when I worked on it yesterday... I'm on my way to the studio so I'll find out soon.


suzanneberry said...

nicki, this is just beautiful, as are your words in your post!

Barbara M. said...

How wonderful in every way. Love the progress shots.

XO Barbara

Nicki said...

Thank you Suzanne and Barbara! Hugs to you both!