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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Five Kinds of Trouble

 Memories of Spruce River
24 x 24"
(work in progress)
© Nicki Ault, 2011  

I began this painting on site when I went to Waskesiu Lake in mid- September. I drove to one of my favorite places, Spruce River, and painted for the day. I began this canvas late afternoon just before I headed back to the cabin. I was able to get some initial impressions and colours down for an abstract reflection and now I am continuing with it at the studio. Above are some progress shots of the beginning stages. I'll post it's current state on the weekend.


I didn't intend on taking a small blog-cation, but it has been awhile since my last appearance so I guess I did. It happens from time to time. There have been five kinds of trouble at the root of my absence:

1) Inspiration trouble. I am not thrilled with what I have been painting, nor my execution of what I have been painting. I'm a bit bored and a bit restless.

2) Sleep trouble. My son has been waking up in the night a lot lately and therefore mama is tired. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it is no wonder that sleep deprivation is used as torture. Everything is harder when I am exhausted.

3) System trouble. We have had the most glorious, sunny, blue-sky days this fall. Absolutely spectacular. That's good right? Yes. And no. I photograph my work outside on overcast days. Hands down that has always given me the best result. I don't like posting finished work unless the image quality is there, so I'm in a jam right now. Mind you, I haven't got much I am proud of these days, so I really only need to take a photo of one painting!

4) Costume trouble. Halloween gets me every year. I have been on a mad search for the costume my son wants, so on the rare occasion that I have actually had energy, I have not been in the studio but rather searching for the impossible. It is nowhere in town. Of course I can find it online, but only in the U.S. My online search for the costume in Canada came up with zip. Eventually I did a more specific search in Toronto and, SCORE!, they had the main piece. Of course they didn't have all the parts for the costume. After some tears (his, not mine), we decided that we would make-do with a substitute accessory... of course that means mommy has been hittin' the streets again to try to find a suitable alternative.

5) Health troubles. Nothing major, just stuff. I'm trying to get to the bottom of it: fatigue, mood, insomnia, nausea. Things could be worse, so I hate to complain.

There you have it. I'm sorry my posts have been sporadic. I appreciate all those who are following my journey and who take the time to check in on me. I'll get back on track and I hope you will stick around to see what I come up with!


suzanneberry said...

nicki, i hope things improve for you and you feel better soon. maybe just a little discomfort before a change in direction? good luck my friend.

Judy Adamson said...

Sorry to hear about your 'troubles' and hope they'll soon be behind you. I wouldn't mind betting, though, that your lack of inspiration and dissatisfaction with your work means that you're about to progress to something new, a different stage in your 'journey':)

Nicki said...

Hi Suzanne,

I'm sure I will be on track soon. I do feel that I am on the verge of a change. It is just hard waiting around while things are simmering under the surface.

Thanks you for you email. It meant a lot.

XO Nicki

Thanks, Judy, for your supportive words. Both you and Suzanne said similar things and you may be right. Perhaps I am nearing a growth spurt. I can only hope! I'll keep on working and we will see what happens.

All the best to you,