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Monday, August 29, 2011

River in Progress

river... in progress
12 x 12"
oil on canvas
© Nicki Ault, 2011  

I started this painting at the Waskesiu River when we were on holidays and I worked on it a bit last week at the studio. It needs more attention, but it also needs to dry before I touch it again.

I did not feet like blogging this past week. Straight up! I'm not sure if it is because summer was winding down and I felt the need to chill with the kids or that I decided to start a bit of a purge of the front porch or maybe it was that I got sidetracked by two unexpected visits with old high school friends or that I was somewhat obsessed with figuring out my new Daily Paintworks Gallery... or... well, I could go on forever with the excuses, but I'll stop there. I didn't blog and the world didn't stop. Lesson learned.
Actually, aside from all the above excuses I really did get a bit freaked by something I read on a blog last week and I have been processing it all since then. It kind of stopped me in my tracks and caused me to reflect on my work. It was a post completely unrelated to me and yet I took it personally. First let me say that I realize I am ridiculously sensitive and that has got to change because really, grow up, Nicki! At first what I read shook my foundations, but a day or two later I started settling down and began to develop my own opinion. You see, I am also ridiculously prone to innocently believing things said by those more experienced than I as being fact rather than a matter of opinion. That has got to change, too. Seriously, Nicki!

Anyway... my next post will be about this business I read on a big-wig bloggers blog. I'm sure you are on the edge of your seats! Oh, the suspense!


Kim said...

Well, I am kind of curious! I have a feeling that it may be something that many of us will relate to because I think a lot of us are sensitive. Like *overly* : ). Can't wait to read the back story. Enjoy the last few holidays. I am so ready in June when the kids are released but I am equally ready now. I feel like we all need the routine again : )

Anonymous said...

painting's looking good Nicki! i once read a list of don'ts for artists and realised that out of the twenty things or so that were listed, i was guilty of all bar a handful;) ... anyway how would that guy know that these are things that are no good if he hadn't done them himself, eh?
on a serious note, perhaps we as artists are quite sensitive as we paint from an internal need to express something very close to the self in us.... and sometimes we got to take the criticism as feedback... the only reason we feel the pain of it is perhaps because we have the awareness to recognise something in wht is said;)
anyway you are unique in your style of painting and subjects and i for one look forward to seeing what you create next:)

suzanneberry said...

this is coming along beautifully nicki! and i needed to read..."i didn't blog and the world didn't stop. lesson learned!" perfectly put!

i'm really anxious to read what big wig bloggers blog said! in my experience, if something we read or hear pushes our buttons it's because the buttons are there, not because someone wrote or said something..BUT that doesn't mean anything. it just alerts us to something that might need attention that we would otherwise deny or ignore.

i recently felt ignored by a frequent visitor to my blog who i admire and thought i must have said something to offend. i was about to write and see if that was the case. turns out this person was dealing with an incredibly terrifying family crisis. in fact the last ten instances where i've decided it was all about moi, i had nothing whatsoever to do with the circumstances. you are not unique in this, we all have egos and we all think we're the piece of poop the universe revolves around. and usually, the opinion isn't the other person's, it's really just our own and we can't face it! be gentle with yourself, forgive yourself for being a human, a wonderful human at that! a wonderfully, gifted human!

Barbara M. said...

A lot of us take time away from blogging. It always feels a bit strange, but it's a good idea. The painting is beautiful.

XO Barbara

Nicki said...

Hi Kim,

Yes, many of us are overly sensitive... I'm sure I am not alone. I'll be curious to know your thoughts when I post the story.


Hi Rahina,

I always enjoy your thoughtful responses. For sure I was sensitive to what I read because it struck a chord deep inside. It certainly gave me pause. Sharing art puts us in a vulnerable position, whether it be a poem, a painting or a piece of music. And then if there is criticism (perceived or real) it can stop us in our tracks. I'm slowly learning to take what works for me and leave the rest.

I'm glad you come by to see what I am up to and I am glad to count you as a blog friend.


Hi Suzanne,

Thanks for your comment and may I just say I love your take on the world!

Of course you are right and my buttons were pushed because what I read hit home. And in the end it has been a good thing to sit back and analyze why exactly I had the reaction I did. I'm going to put a piece of duct tape over that darn button so it can't be pushed anymore!

Thanks for your awesome, reality checking words!


Hi Barbara,

Yes, a little break can do a person good. I'm pleased you like the start of this one. It's going in a direction different than originally planned, so we will see.


Hugs to all four of you wonderful ladies!