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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back From Summer Holidays

First location...
painting at the Waskesiu River

For (almost) the last three weeks I have been on holidays with my family in Waskesiu where we were lucky enough to use my parent's cabin. We had so much fun at the beach, bike riding, going for walks, checking out the nature centre, geo-caching for the first time and of course, going for ice cream! It was a break we all needed to have together. I even had some time to go out and paint, which of course made me feel calm and content.

Second location...
painting on Prospect Point

The above photo shows the Park Superintendent's house (in the background) which was built in 1929. There are more large cabins to each side and behind this one and the golf course is back there, too. I think I remember hearing that the Waskesiu golf course was one of Bob Hope's favorites. This area is slightly away from the main town-site and is called Prospect Point. Many, many, many years ago I worked at the golf course restaurant and at the time us "locals" called this area "Snob Hill". For two summers in a row I worked at the Clubhouse restaurant making some sweet tips. The first year the tips I saved got me to Europe for two and a half months. Ahhh, those were good times.

 this plaque overlooks the lake
and is near the above bench
where I painted that morning

I can't believe summer is drawing to a close. It has been a good one and I feel like we made some memories that will last us a lifetime. Many years from now I'm sure I will be saying about this summer, "Ahhh, those were good times"! And now it is time to regroup, get the rest of the school supplies, do other errands and deal with the piles of "real life" that were left in the house when we escaped to the lake.

 Third location...
near main beach in town-site

I hope your summer has been a wild, wonderful, memory generator!

Ours has!


suzanneberry said...

Wonderful!! ENJOY!!!

My Sweet Prairie said...

summer has been (and still is) great! let's try to get together once th e kids are in school? draw, photograph, coffee, whatever?

Nicki said...

Thanks Suzanne.

Nicki said...

Sounds good to me, Monika!