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Friday, August 5, 2011

Deer Trail Through Wolf Willow

Deer Trail Through Wolf Willow
24 x 24"
oil and acrylic on canvas
© Nicki Ault, 2011  


Ta da! The final result of the process. Or close to the final result. I may do a bit of tweaking here and there, but overall I am happy with the way this one went. Here is a link to the little 6 x 6" I did in my "30 paintings in 30 days" project that was the inspiration for this larger work. I used the same photo, but did not look at actual images of this little study as I worked. I wanted to keep this one fresh and not feel like I was trying to "copy" the littler painting.

I love to hear from you! Please let me know your thoughts!


LJR said...

The expressive excitement that you caught in the grass patterns of the 6 x 6" painting have been successful depicted and developed in this painting as well. There is an engaging flow of movement in this painting that is strengthened by the enhanced sense of space, from flowery foreground through the middle space of the grass field to the wooded background. It is very beautiful. Great job!!!

suzanneberry said...

nicki, i believe this is one of our best!! i've been staring at it and have gotten lost in the movement, it's like music, and i'm swayin' to the beat! OUTSTANDING!!!

Janie B said...

So beautiful, Nicki! Love the movement of the grass and the colors. Great work, as usual!

cohen labelle said...

Hi Nicki,
I have been looking and looking at this marvelous painting! It has a gorgeous tactile feeling to it and feeling of movement and lovely gracefulness so that one can imagine the swiftness of deer on it! Beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

I just love how you used the same light grayish blue in the close bushes and then again in the far trees. Just beautiful
peace n abundance,

Nicki said...

Hi Lawrence,
Thanks so much for taking the time to write such a thoughtful response. I am so pleased that you find the movement of the grasses exciting and the flow of the composition to be successful and interesting. You made my day!

Hi Suzanne,
Wow! You put a smile on my face! What a great reaction! I love that you said you got lost in the movement and that it felt like music. Not sure I've ever been paid a better compliment! Thank you,

Hi Janie,
Good to see words from you again! Thank you and I am so glad you enjoy the movement of the grass. In large part that is what drew me to want to paint it, but the challenge was not to make the grass look too stripey and also to depict the trail on the left side.
Take care,

Hi Marcia,
I so appreciate you stopping to leave me gracious and supportive words. I think the prairie girl in you might feel nostalgic with this one!
Hugs to you,

Hi CheyAnne,
I am glad you commented on the silvery colour in the front bushes and the distance. I think my favorite colour combo right now is rusty oranges, silvery grays and turquoise blues. One of my upcoming posts will be another prairie scene with these colours.
Nice to hear from you again. I hope you are well,

Pierre Raby said...

This is so beautiful. The rich rendering and the movements communicate a strong state of awareness... Great work!

-Don said...



myrtle said...

OH my! absolutely wonderful.=D
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Nicki said...

Hi Pierre,

Thanks! So wonderful to see a comment from you. Your words are much appreciated as I know you have such a great eye in your own work.

Hope you are well,

Don, you made me beam with delight at your comment. Thank you!


Hi Myrtle, thank you!