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Friday, August 12, 2011


24 x 24"
oil on canvas 
© Nicki Ault, 2011

This was, in fact, the first I painted of these larger prairie scenes. "Deer Trail Through Wolf Willow" and "Protected Prairie" came after (in that order). I am so thankful that I had the studio to myself that day. The kids were at their day camps and I had set aside those hours to get work (painting) done. I was in a very emotional state and I went at this canvas with a passion and vengeance like never before. Tears and walnut alkyd make a great medium as it turns out! I won't bore you with the details, but the state I found myself in was at the culmination of a few very stressful, upsetting life scenarios. All of my pent up energy was unleashed that day as my emotions were deposited on this 24 x 24" surface! I felt raw as I worked and the overall effect of this piece, to me, is raw. I did not fuss over this painting. It is loose and free and unencumbered by nitpicking. Things are implied in this prairie scene (like the small pools of water), but not spelled out for you. I hope you like it, I think I do. And although I was alone while I painted, Kelly Clarkson did a great job of keeping me company!


-Don said...

Isn't it great that we can channel our angst through strokes and stabs of color? I'm glad you left those raw emotions on the canvas and I hope you felt better for it.



rahina q.h. said...

the writer uses a pen to tell a story... the artist, paint because (for me at least) it understands the artist's language and the artist tells her/his story for those willing to look. without reading your comment i thought it strange that there was water yet the grasses were yellowed. the bushes huddle together for protection against the wind and changing weather. yet there are splashes of hope throughout the painting and a feeling 'and this too will pass...'
you've captured a dilemma here Nicki, well done if that was your intention... if not, still it stands proud.

Nicki said...

Hi Don,

Yes, it really is like therapy, this art thing. I did feel better afterwards. Much better thank you!


Hi Rahina,

I always enjoy your wise words. Thank you. I'm not sure what my intention was when I began painting other than to paint this prairie scene in a very loose (for me) and emotional manner. I wanted to work fast and react instinctually to the marks I was making. I wanted to convey the colours you might see on the prairies in the spring, and before things really get growing again. After our cold winters, often there are yellows, both golden and bleached, in the fields. We have had an unusual amount of water this year so I have loved these pools of water in the landscape that reflect the sky and is a compliment to the yellows of crop stubble from the harvest the preceding fall.

I'm pleased that you think this painting stands strong.


suzanneberry said...

beautiful post and painting nicki..i'll e you with thoughts...

Mikko Tyllinen said...

Very beautiful!