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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Popcorn Clouds

Popcorn Clouds
acrylic on canvas

This painting was part of my second solo show in 2008 at a local cafe and was actually purchased by the same neighbor that commissioned the three pond paintings.  The reference photo for this painting came from Degen Lindner (the artist/instructor I consider a mentor) and although I didn't see this sky in person, I felt comfortable painting it because I have seen skies like it. Maybe you know the type; dark skies, brooding clouds, imminent storm... and these puffy little white clouds going about their business without a clue that there is something bigger happening around them. I have always thought these clouds looked like popcorn. I love stormy skies and have been thinking a lot about working on a series with that as the theme for.... drum roll... my next show!!! Yup, I applied for a show at a new coffee shop in town called Moka- very chic, very good area, and they liked the little portfolio I submitted! The paintings will go up on December 8 and run for two months! Yay!!!It will be great to have a goal and a focus again.

I dipped into the archives to find a painting to show you because I have not done anything new lately; the kids are out of school now and so getting to the studio is hard. We just went up to Waskesiu Lake for Canada Day and then stayed for about 6 days. It was so relaxing and the boys absolutely love it there. I took my paints with me thinking I would get up early and do some plein air work, but nope, that fresh air knocked me out and there was no getting up early... in fact, there was also a lot of napping in the daytime! And then to top it off I began reading "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer. Big mistake. I couldn't put the darn thing down! And since we got home I have now read the next book in the series, "New Moon". It's really bad! I am addicted! Keep reading or feed the kids? Keep reading or have a shower? Keep reading or maintain the house? Keep reading or, dare I say it, blog? I'm sorry I haven't been commenting on my favorite sights lately. The story of Bella and Edward has consumed me in a ridiculous way. I am going to force myself not to start the next book, "Eclipse" until I reconnect with my life and get some painting done!


JudyAdamsonArtandDesign said...

I shall always think of popcorn now whenever I see these clouds!

-Don said...

Good luck on not jumping right into Eclipse. My wife couldn't help herself and I lost her for about a month as she read all four books. But, I couldn't hold it against her because I know how I was when I 'discovered' the Harry Potter books after the fourth one came out. I think I read all four within 2 weeks and then had to wait with everyone else for the next 3. CRAZY!

Congrats on getting into Moka. I know your work will look great in there. Chic goes with chic - it's only natural...

BTW, those Popcorn Clouds are sweet, but the rest of that sky is spectacular.


Nicki said...

Hi Judy,

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It's always nice to hear from new visitors.


Hi Don,

Well, I lasted about 24 hours! I had to start the third book. HAD to I say! What is up with that? But at least I am not the only one... thanks for making me feel less, um, insane because I'm sure you and your wife are a very normal, well adjusted people. Right? So I must be okay. [Twitch, twitch].

I'm excited about the Moka show- I think it will expose me to a lot of people that would never know about my work otherwise.

Thanks for your great comment on this painting. I wanted the little puffy clouds to come across as sweet and innocent against the wild sky.

Take care,


.Caroline Bray Art said...

I've just popped across from your link on the 20 minute challenge blog to find this wonderful painting! It's really beautiful - soft, moody, mysterious. I hope you manage to find your way out of your blue mood soon. With talent like yours there's no need to be blue, all you have to do is put down the book and paint instead! ;) Very best wishes to you Nicki, keep up the good work!

Nicki said...

Hi Caroline,

Thank you so much for your time and your comment. I appreciate it. I am feeling better now and I have finished the third book so life is normal again (until I buy the fourth book!)

I am inspired by your blog and I feel I can learn a lot from you, so I will be by more in the future.