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Monday, July 12, 2010

A Break In The Clouds- TMC

A Break In The Clouds
oil on canvas

Here is the painting I did yesterday for the Twenty Minute Challenge blog. I was painting in the backyard using a photo I took a few weeks ago. In fact it was still on my camera, so I was looking at it on the camera's little screen. It is not finished. I would like to add in more light/white clouds somewhere in the middle section. I didn't want this painting to be quite as stormy as some of the others I have done. It is on it's way; I think I will like it when it is finished. (NOTE: I changed the name- on the TMC blog it is titled "Windows").

Painting with oil is quite enjoyable, but the transition from acrylics has not been completely smooth. I really don't get this "medium" thing. I bought some turpenoid, but I keep wanting to use it like I do water with my acrylics! And my brush keeps getting thick with paint, partly because I like the rich, buttery feel of oils, but also because I am too cheap to wipe the brush off and waste the product! I'm still at the base of the learning curve and might be there for awhile.

My blues lifted a bit today. The kids both have coughs so we stayed at home and took it easy. I got loads of organizing done and installed some new blinds in our master bedroom. I kept busy and didn't even crack open "Eclipse" once!


TJ Lynde said...

Your strokes, so deliberate, are exciting to see in these paintings, and i wish to add that "This Day" is a beautiful as well! Thanks for these.

Linda Popple said...

Twenty minutes? Fantastic!

Nicki said...

Thank you TJ. Nice to hear from you. And it is always a thrill for me to get positive feedback from talented and accomplished artists- which you are of course!


Hi Linda... yup, and may I say that 20 minutes goes by quickly!

:) Nicki

suzanneberry said...

Wow! twenty minutes!! I love your bold strokes! Great job.

Nicki said...

Hi Suzanne,

Thanks a bunch! And may I say I love your blue/yellow water painting you did for your group challenge. It is stunning.