Tuesday, January 7, 2020

A Dream View

A Dream View
12" x 12"
oil on panel
© Nicki Ault, 2019
sold (commission)
This was an honour to paint. The sister of a dear, dear friend, who I have known and loved all the way back to elementary school and who was the MC at my wedding, contacted me about a Christmas gift for him. She wanted to give him and his partner a painting that featured the stunning view from their recently completed dream home. I haven't seen the house or view in person, so I was nervous about getting the elements right and making sure it was recognizable. Thankfully I have now received messages from them both and the painting was a hit 💖.

This is officially the first time I have attempted mountains and it was a fun challenge! I now look forward to visiting these long-time friends in Invermere someday and maybe bringing my paints along to explore this non-prairie landscape.

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Barbara Muir said...

Beautiful Nicki,

You are so awesome with light. Love looking at your work. Mega inspiring.