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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Feelin' Sketchy Saturday

20 minute sketch

 quick gesture studies (hat)
20 minute sketch

I got an email from my friend Kerry last night asking if I was planning to go to the drop-in drawing session today. To be honest, I likely wouldn't have gone if he didn't email me, but I know he knows that drawing is a bit of a goal of mine so I was feeling accountable! I'm glad I went, but I didn't feel inspired by the model. I left early and went by the studio to contemplate a large canvas I worked on yesterday. It looks promising, but I need to let it dry so I can tweak some things. I hope to show it to you in a few days... and with it will come a announcement.


Kim said...

Look forward to it! And I know what you mean-sometimes if models don't sit with energy and purpose your drawings have no spark. You did well though. Heads are hard!

Nicki said...

Yes, it's true, there was something lack-lustre shall we say! I have got to practice drawing more regularly than once a week so I can see some improvement. So much to learn, so little time! :)

suzanneberry said...

these sketches do not look uninspired at all! i love the 20 minute! beautifully done! and looking forward to the painting and announcement!

Nicki said...

Hi Suzanne,

I did the best with the vibe I had. I think I was disappointed because the model ended up being clothed. I brought my pastels (from grade 12 art class!) with the hopes of using them to play with the lines of the body. As it turned out the model was more bundled up than I am on a freezing, blizzardy winter's day!

What do you do?


http://www.onpainting.wordpress.com said...

Drawings are fine. You may have lost inspiration when you tired out getting up/down on stool for different views.

Barbara M. said...

Nice work Nicki,

You did a great job with both expression and the hat. Hats are hard, and I don't love drawing them, but have. I hope the poor model didn't know he was uninspiring. You did super work.

XO Barbara