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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Feelin' Sketchy Saturday

contour drawing

gesture drawings

15 minute sketch

 20 minute sketch

20 minute sketch

I don't know... sketching could become a Saturday thing; at least I am going to try. I went to the drop-in figure drawing session again this morning and it was great. The model was wonderful- even with a broken foot! She gave us the most beautiful poses. She was elegant and created such beautiful lines with her body, especially in her gesture poses. These are some of the sketches I did in the almost three hours I was there. I think my two favorites are the 15 minute sketch and the contour drawing. When she got settled in the reclining pose I was in a bit of a panic because of my angle. Her head was closest to me and her feet furthest away... and all of the fore-shortening had me freaked! I gathered my thoughts and decided that it might make for a really interesting contour drawing. I love how it turned out. Theoretically once a contour drawing begins you don't look at your paper or lift your pencil, you just follow the lines of the figure with your eyes and move your pencil at the same time. I probably spent about 15 minutes on it. I took my time, but admit I looked down a couple of times when, in fact, I did lift my pencil off the paper. Rules.... bah!


Barbara M. said...

Awesome sketches. So glad you're getting sketchy with it. Super drawings. And so many!

XO Barbara

-Don said...

What a great use of your Saturday! I agree about your contour drawing. It's really cool. Rules... bah, indeed!


Nicki said...

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for finding the time to comment on a day that was likely very busy for you. There were more sketches, but theses were the better ones. They don't seem to have the models do very long poses in this drop-in session and there are both pros and cons to that.


Don, yes, I am enjoying using part of my Saturday for this. I really want to improve my drawing skills and this is the best way to do it. Or at least one of the best ways. Hope all is well with you,

suzanneberry said...

great sketches nicki...and the contour is just stunning!! i'm so inspired by your drive and your sketches! bravo!

Nicki said...

Hi Suzanne,

Thanks! I had a bit of a late start with the sketching this fall. I had hoped to get going as soon as the kids started back to school, but one thing lead to another and next thing I knew it was the end of October!

I find contour drawings can be so engaging and extremely interesting. They can also turn out to be a huge mess, but so can anything else we try! I really liked how this one worked out with the odd perspective I had from where I was sitting.


Hannah Robinson said...

Well if the top one is the one where you didn't take your eyes off the model (well, mostly) then it a great piece of work, it's something you probably couldn't have produced if you had been looking down at the paper a lot more, I love it. I have done weekly life drawing sessions, and I have also been the life model. It's weird to see yourself in line, especially from the back. I think she might be a few pounds lighter than me though!

Nicki said...

How great to hear from you again, Hannah. I like to hear about another person who has pursued a weekly sketching routine. However you lost me... but impressed me!... with the part of you being the life model. Good show! The one time I considered trying it was when I was pregnant because I felt so beautiful, but I never did. And now that ship has sailed!

You are absolutely right that I couldn't have produced these lines had I looked down more often or did a different kind of sketch. I'm quite smitten with it.


Harry Kent said...

Love your contour drawings, Nicki!!

And i agree - Rules bah! The only real rule is to focus intensely on your subject, not the paper, while the pencil is in motion. Of course you can relocate starting points for the next burst of focus, imho.

And aren't your results fabulous - full of freshness and lively line.

Nicki said...

Hi Harry,

How great to hear from you. Yes, I am going to try to do at least one contour drawing each time I attend the live model session on Saturday morning. They really are fresh and sometimes the results can be so engaging.