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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Embrace Life - It's Been Two Years

  Embrace Life- please wear your seatbelts

As much as I don't want to be a Debbie Downer... wah wah wah... this topic is too important to not take the opportunity to mention. 

Today is the second anniversary of our car accident which happened to follow my first ever gallery opening. What began as a day in which a dream was being realized, ended with my family in a situation I had never before imagined- with all of us in the emergency room. On our way home after the opening reception of my art show we had been blind sided by a lady who ran the red light. She hit the passenger side of our van at full speed on the sliding door where my, then, 7 year old was sitting and she also connected with part of my door. It is a miracle my son had virtually no injuries. I still can't believe it. Every single window in the van was smashed because we rolled 1 and 1/4 times... except his window on the sliding door that was hit. It was in perfect condition. As we rolled I heard the windows breaking and I remember screaming, "Keep your arms in!!!" In those split seconds I was terrified someone's arm would flail out and be crushed under the rolling van. We came to rest on the passenger side. I looked up to see my husband safely secured by his seat belt in the driver's seat. I looked back to see my, then, five year old strapped safely in his seat, albeit up in the air behind my husband. Blood from a cut above his left eye was dripping down on my other son, who was strapped to his seat. My seat belt had me gripped so tightly that I couldn't turn to see Sammy who was right behind me. It was terrifying, because his was the door that got the brunt of the hit. It was easily the worst thing I have ever been through.... but the most miraculous. We were, and are, all right. 

Not a day goes by when I don't think of the accident, usually when I am driving. It is not a bad thing because I feel like it keeps me aware and in the moment when I am on the road. I have had people tell me that when they heard about our accident it affected them to the point that it made a difference to their driving and made them more vigilant about the use of seat belts. That is why I am writing about this again and why I will next year on November 8. 

Read more about our story...

and for the love of life.... please wear your seat belts.


maddyrose said...

Thanks for sharing this experience with us.

My Sweet Prairie said...

Oh how scary! We always wear them. We don't even do the "drive off while you buckle up" thing like some people do (tsk tsk). I had a dear friend widowed as her husband dodged a pedestrian and flipped off his bike on a park trail. Hit his head and passed away later in their home. We don't go anywhere on our bikes without helmets either. Look at me preach! lol And for goodness sakes, don't drive while texting or holding a dog on your lap! Scary!
What a story...
All the best,

Kim said...

Oh Nicki - Thanks for posting. So scary what happens in a split second. Yes, we are huge seatbelt wearers and bike helmets too. Never fear being a downer for trying to keep people safe ; )

-Don said...

Wow! It's hard to believe that it's already been two years. I'm pretty sure that the first time I came to your blog was the day you posted about the accident. Time has sure flown by.

I'm glad you and your family came through such a tremendous accident virtually unscathed. What a blessing. When my wife was pregnant with our oldest son she made us both start wearing our seatbelts. We've done it religiously ever since...


Pam Holnback said...

What a scary memory. We wear seat belts. Our kids wore helmets skiing, biking. Can never be too safe.

suzanneberry said...

two years? time does fly. i'd just discovered your work when i read about the accident. i'm so glad you were all fine. i put my seat belt on every time i drive, even around the corner. thanks for sharing your thoughts nicki!

Nicki said...

Thank you everyone for your comments. I am so glad to know my blogger friends are safely buckled up when they are on the road. And yes, helmets are a must, too. Years ago my husband worked for the brain injury society and head injuries can be devastating. Seat belts and helmets don't offer any guarantees, but they certainly increase the odds of your safety.

XO Nicki

Barbara M. said...

Hi Nicki,

I can't believe it's been so long. It's good to remember what happened when you're driving. You are remarkable. The video is very powerful. And I am so glad you are all fine.

XO Barbara

Nicki said...

Thank you Barbara. I remember after the accident you sent very good wishes to me and my family. It helped.

XO Nicki

Jill said...

Oh Nicki:

Your message is so important. Just think, as a result of those values your family was ultimately safe in a dreadful situation.

I guess the other BIG message is for people not to be in such a hurry...you never know who is on the other end of a yellow or red light.


Nicki said...

Thanks Jill. Yes, it is important to slow down and be aware of what is happening around you while on the road. And no texting or cell phone chats!

Nice to hear from you,