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Friday, September 9, 2011

Off the Grid

Early in the week I felt a sore throat coming on, so I scrambled to the studio because I have a couple of deadlines that are coming regardless of the status of my health. Sure enough by Wednesday I was hit hard and last night plunged into the depths of fever and chills. I'm on the mend but haven't had a chance to photograph any new work to show you. I've been meaning to share a link to a very energetic, expressive artist, so now seems like a good time. His name is Jonas Gerard and I wish I could recall how I stumbled upon this video, but I don't, I'm just glad I did!

Watching him paint (perform) simply makes me smile. I hope you enjoy him, too.

*NOTE: I just realized that the link didn't work. Hopefully it is all set now.

So I was off the grid, but now I am back and after another good sleep I will respond to all of the great comments and feedback left on my last post. Nightie-night!

4 comments: said...

I hope you feel better! GO figure, eh!? Kids start school and everyone gets sick. I have yet to experience everyone at school at once! lol
stitching in Saskatoon

Nicki said...

Thanks, Monika, I am feeling better. Hopefully one more good sleep and it will be full steam ahead. Yup, all the germy germs collectively gather in the school and then get brought home to mom!

suzanneberry said...

fell betta!!! thanks for the link

Nicki said...

Suzanne, you'll have to let me know what you think of that link- I just love watching him paint.