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Friday, September 23, 2011

Art At Agar's

I have been invited by Judy Wood (the fabulous artist who gave me an easel) to join about 18 other artists out in the country tomorrow for an art show and sale. It should be lots of fun and the assortment of available work should be impressive. I will be there from 11-5 with my small paintings (and portable wall!), so please come check it out if you are looking for something to do. We are all hoping for a beautiful fall day, but if we should not get that, at least the show is indoors and can still go on.


Anonymous said...

sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun. btw i love what you are doing to the paintings below and consider you rather brave to do so. there are many paintings of mine that i could go over again and again as time passes and my own learning develops.... however, for me, they each represent a particular stage and hold memories of my thoughts at that time buried beneath and between each brush stroke. recently someone wanted to buy one of my paintings but i said it wasn't for sale.. it was like selling a chapter of my diary;)

My Sweet Prairie said...

I'm so sorry - the day is a little 'too beautiful' and I'm packing up all my kids and heading to the lake one more time...

Have a terrific day! I posted it on my FB. Don't sell my favorite! lol

: )

Barbara M. said...

Hi Nicki,

Have a great time. I've loved all your recent work, but have been finding it hard to find time to respond. I promise to catch up soon.

XO Barbara

Nicki said...

Hi Rahina,

I totally hear you and what you are saying. There are many paintings I wouldn't alter because I consider them milestone paintings. Usually those are the ones I have decided to keep myself and would never sell.

The paintings I have been revising are not that old- actually they are quite recent and I was never happy with them. A bit of distance can give a new perspective and I might be able to sort out the problem area. Which is really one of the joys and challenges of painting. In the case of reworking the daily paintings I did in May, I realized that when you paint and post every day as part of your practice- some of the work is bound to stink, but you show it anyway because that is part of the deal. Some of those paintings I wouldn't have shown under normal circumstances or at least would have spent more time on them to get them right. Really that is all I am doing now, it's just that a bit of time has passed (summer holidays, kids home from school... you know how that goes). In the case of the painting I posted last night (Sunday), I received feedback that had merit and that I agreed with, so why not make the painting better? It, too, is quite a recent painting. I know you have pulled paintings from your blog to retouch and rework after receiving feedback, so it is the same thing here.

There are times when I could work and rework a painting, but don't because what I needed to learn or do has been accomplished. It becomes part of my history. When I feel that rush of excitement that I finally know what to do to make a painting work- I have to try as long as I still care about it.

I guess we are all different in how we approach things, but the goal is to learn and grow, but never forget where we were and the journey along the way. This is why blogging is so great for artists.

Nicki said...

Hi Monika,

I don't blame you! I hope you had a great day with the kids. Wasn't it hot??? Whew!

Thanks for posting it on Facebook- it was busy... maybe because of you! ;o)

Hi Barbara,

Thanks- and not to worry. You are busy and have had lots going on. I've been reading your blog too, but have not always stopped to comment, so don't think twice about it. We know we love each other! :)

Nicki XO