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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Moody and Blue

Moody and Blue
6 x 6"
oil on board
© Nicki Ault, 2011  


This is my favorite painting from my weekend retreat in Waskesiu. I painted it while huddling behind a fallen pine tree on the beach. The wind was fierce and cold coming off the lake; white caps pounding to shore, but the tree gave me enough of a wind break that I could get the job done. I began with a very fussy attempt- trying to paint like someone other than me. It looked ridiculous, so I wiped it down, regrouped and made a painting that I love. The sky was actually bright blue, but that didn't work with the mood of the wind and crashing waves, so I made a more brooding blue sky. This plein air experience was exactly the adventure I always hope for whenever I head out.

 here you can see the fallen pine tree I nestled myself 
into so I could paint without completely freezing

When I began packing up I realized that the entire time I had been painting right beside a seagull carcass. Slightly unsettling, but yet made me feel that much more close to nature.


Barbara M. said...

Love this. Super mood and colour.

XO Barbara

cohen labelle said...

What a luscious painting. You transmit the joy and excitement of being there. I have a memory of Waskesiu as an idyllic place when I stayed there with my parents and brother as a child.
We also used to go to Lac la Ronge further north, and from there, fly to Black Bear Lake because my father liked to fish for deep lake trout. There were all these islands around us in Bear Lake where we fished.
This painting brings back so many of those wonderful, happy memories!!!!!

Nicki said...

Barbara, the funny thing is that I was anything but moody and blue as I painted outside that day. I was excited and happy. So glad you like it.

XO Nicki

Hi Marcia,

Thank you so much for sharing those memories with me. You have given me one of the greatest compliments an artist can be paid- that their work actually stirs a private memory in the viewer.

I've never gone farther north to Lac La Ronge or elsewhere. I should put that on the things to do list.

Smiles and hugs to you,