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Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Quick Hello

The summer has been going so quickly and it isn't slowing down anytime soon. We just returned last night from a holiday to Calgary, Alberta. We were visiting family and had a wonderful time. We took the kids to Banff in the Rocky Mountains and it was so fun to see their reaction. As we drove west of Calgary the kids thought the rolling hills were the mountains because even they are more dramatic than the flat prairies where we are from. You can imagine their shock when they saw the real mountains! Tommy was especially amazed that the peaks went higher than the clouds. I thought I would share a few pictures since I don't have any art to post. I do love my country.

 On Saturday I am leaving everyone behind and heading off to my own little utopia for a week. I will be at the Kenderdine Campus at Emma Lake for a glorious week of studio and plein air painting. I am in the midst of prepping my new boards with Golden brand GAC-100 and I can hardly wait to experiment. I hope to have lots to show you very soon. Take care everyone!


-Don said...

You have a beautiful country, Nicki. It looks amazingly like mine! :-) Your photos are spectacular. I can promise that I would have been scampering up those hillsides right along with your boys, because the way I figure it, rocks are made for climbing on.

I hope you have a wonderful trip to Utopia. I'm jealous!

Can't wait to see the new stuff that you'll be creating. Have fun...


JudyAdamsonArtandDesign said...

Our mountains here in Wales aren't as dramatic as yours but when my grandchildren come to stay, from the flatter places where they live, their reaction always reminds me not to take my local 'scenery' for granted!

Wonderful photos!

Nicki said...

Hi Don,

Yes, I think there are lots of similarities between the landscapes of our countries. The mountains are mysterious to me. I had forgotten how much I loved to visit them.

I'm off to the Great White North... well, thankfully it isn't white right now. Stay tuned...


Hi Judy,

Nice to hear from you again. Children really do have a way of helping us enjoy the wonders in life.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

beautiful pics... i was on a crumbly bit of your countrry... Halifa, Nova Scotia for three week recently. it was beautiful also. i hope you have a great holiday!

Barbara M. said...

Wow! So beautiful. I do love your country too. What a beauty. I've heard people say that they started to cry driving through this part of the country, they were so moved. I get why.

Love your blog,


Nicki said...

Hi Rahina,

"A crumbly bit of your country..."! I giggled when I read that. I've never been that far east, but would love to take the kids someday. It's definitely a dream.

I feel I've been away from blogging too long... I will be catching up with yours very soon.


Hi Barbara,

Thanks so much- yes, my prairies are beautiful and the mountains that emerge from them are beyond words. I've cried many a time from landscapes I've stood before. Both in Canada and other countries.

Thanks for stopping by- I enjoyed catching up on your blog.

Nicki XO