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Sunday, August 22, 2010

What I See

What I See
acrylic on panel

Over the next several weeks I will be posting the work/studies I painted while at the Kenderdine Campus at Emma Lake. As always it was a dreamy week that went by all too fast. I met some wonderful new artists and had a great time catching up with those I already knew. Mmmmm, and the food! Glorious home cooked food that seems to get better every time I go. The experience wouldn't be the same if the food was mediocre. Thank goodness the "Powers That Be" seem to understand that as fact.
I actually went a day early because I had to leave a day early. I didn't want to lose any precious painting time as I'm sure you can understand. I stayed at Waskesiu Lake the first night which is in Prince Albert National Park, then got up early and drove a half hour to the campus. This way, once I checked in, I had the day ahead of me to paint. I decided to head to Spruce River which is one of my favorite plein air painting locations. It was a beautiful day and all I my attention went to the beautiful colours and patterns in the river's reflections. I painted four panels while I was there... and may I say I love my panels!!! What a different feel than canvas; smooth and slippery. This painting was done on a panel which I gessoed, then coated in black latex. I settled into a state of complete and utter happiness as I painted for hours in a little nook under the pine trees. A little squirrel kept scurrying by and eventually got so comfortable with me in his environment that he laid down on a branch above me and had a snooze!


JudyAdamsonArtandDesign said...

I love your bold, free style bothin the reflections and in the trees in your previous post!

May I ask how long you work on paintings like these? My guess would be not too long so as to keep their freshness?

Artist said...

beautiful painting, with such strong vibrant colors!

-Don said...

Nice work, Nicki, and welcome back. I'm glad you had such a rewarding and fun trip. I look forward to going through all your work with you as you reveal it.


suzanneberry said...

Such a beautiful painting and area! It sounds like heaven. I'm so envious. What a great trip! Love this piece, it reflects the peace you found there.

Nicki said...

Hi Judy,

Thank you so much. I'm glad they come across as bold and free! That's is something I struggle with a bit as I tend to get caught up in the details (which I love so much). It's hard to say how long these paintings take, but generally speaking likely somewhere between 60-90 minutes. If things are flowing nicely it can even be less than that. And I often do touch ups once back at the studio. I find painting en plein air forces me to work faster which perhaps helps me work more loosely (but not always).


Hi Artist,

Thanks you for your kind words. I hope you had a great summer.


Hi Don,

Nice to hear from you. I feel a bit out of touch with the blog world and I am looking forward to seeing what everyone has been up to.

I'll be curious to hear your response to some of the work I have been doing. And again, thanks for your help with "Spotlight". It sold!

Take care,


Hi Suzanne,

Thank you so much and it truly is a beautiful area. One of my favorite places on earth. I'd love to share it with all my blogger friends... and if I ever win big in the lottery I will! :o)

All the best,