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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Springtime Reveal

Springtime Reveal
acrylic on canvas

This was my fourth and final plein air painting of the week... done on Wednesday and then the weather turned on me. I woke early this morning to unforeseen and uncontrollable snoring next to me, so I decided to get up and have a more productive Sunday morning than usual. I swung by Timmie's and got a coffee (I rolled up my rim and won a coffee!) then headed to the studio. I put the finishing touches on this little number which I feel quite pleased with- especially the rocks. They turned out better than I expected. Next I started the under-painting for a 20x20 forest scene. This new one will be based on the photo reference I used to paint "Lit" which you can see here (it's the one in the middle). It's a painting I loved doing and I want to try it on a larger scale.. maybe even using oils! I want to explore the light and shadows more and experiment with the tree that looks as if a spotlight is on it.

So occasionally I like to share little bits and pieces of my life and today I have a couple of gems. 

Last night before bed I was snuggling Tommy (5) on the couch and he said sincerely, "Mommy, you are bery beautiful. You have chubby cheeks and that is what makes you so special." Ah-hahahahahahaha! Well, it's a compliment, I guess, so I'll take it. (And he has been saying "bery" instead of "very" for quite sometime now. Someday that little quirk will be gone and I will miss it).

The other day (Friday) the kids and I were off track.... things were not going well. Tommy had bad dreams the night before, so neither he or I got a decent sleep. And I don't know what what going on with Sam, but he was really off his game,which is unusual because he has a pretty even temperament. I was exhausted and things seemed to go from bad to worse after school. Both kids ended up in their rooms and received individual talks and then were given some time to regroup. When Sammy eventually came out of his room he gave me a huge hug and presented me with a ring he had fashioned out of white sticky tack and a Lego jewel. As soon as Tommy came out and got wind of this idea he disappeared and came back with his version which was also a ring, but made from blue sticky tack and a Lego flame. Now I have never been a huge one for glitz and glamour, diamonds and pearls... as you can see I just have a wedding band... but I will take Lego jewelry any day of the week!!! And in case you are wondering, the rest of the night was much more manageable.


Barbara M. said...

Hi Nicki,

Hang on to every precious thing those little boys do. How sweet. You're right the bery will go for sure, and you will miss it.

Another beautiful painting. Wow.

I love how everything changes from day to day.


Anonymous said...

hi Nicki, i love the way you have put those colours together. a simple and easily missed spot is now a work of art.

suzanneberry said...

A beautiful painting and lovely words on parenting from a very loving parent.

Nicki said...

Hi Barbara,

Yes, there are so many cute moments I am unable to record them all. I hope my memory will keep them. I'm glad you like this one too. The landscape changes so much at this time of year... well, and again in the fall.

Take care,

Hi Rahina,

Thanks, I'm glad you think the colours work. I don't know what kind of bush has that reddish bark (maybe some type of dogwood?), but I do like it against the greens and yellows of the revealed grass.

Thanks for stopping by, I know you are busy.


Hi Suzanne,

Thank you! Nice to hear from you. I do love my little people and hopefully they will remember the loving mom and not the one that gets cranky when she is tired!


P.S. The donuts you painted make me hungry!