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Monday, March 15, 2010

Melting Away

Melting Away
acrylic on canvas

Yesterday when my husband got home form hockey he suggested I head to the studio to paint. He and the boys were just going to chill at home, so I decided to take him up on the offer. The problem being that I have felt a bit stale and uninspired these days, so I was concerned I would just be wasting this awesome gift of time. Then it dawned on me.... it is beautiful outside! We are having a beautiful month of March here on the prairies and I got thinking that maybe, just maybe, I could lift my painting funk if I changed my surroundings. Voila! A plein air painting excursion was born! I went down to a park by the river where I like to take the kids to play in the summer and I found a shady, protected spot under a tree. I did this little study out in the fresh crisp spring air and it felt great. The river that runs through our city does not freeze on the west side so in the winter there is a beautiful frozen sheet over most of the surface, but you can see the icy green/blue water rushing by the bank on the west side. The water looked soooo cold. I think I may use this study to make a larger painting.

Here are a few more shots of my adventure. The birds were chirping, people were out walking their dogs, and some folks were even trying to ride their bikes! It was glorious and such a treat. There is no way last year on March 14th I could have been painting outside. I think the high yesterday afternoon was +9 degrees Celcius, but by the time I packed up around 5:00 or so it was cooling off a bit more- the paint started to freeze up on the brush! It was a new experience as I am used to painting en plein air in July or August. I enjoyed it so much I went back out this afternoon when the boys were at school. I'll post that painting tomorrow.

Many thanks to everyone who left such supportive comments on my previous post. I'll try another portrait soon... well,... someday..... later...


Sheila said...

What a sweet hubby you have. I may have to ask you to scrape some skin cells off so I can clone him if I can't find someone in the near future. Great plein air. Yes, this would look great as one of you larger pieces.

-Don said...

What a great adventure which turned into some fine artwork. Good idea changing up what you do to reinvigorate your artistic senses. I'll admit that I would probably not have changed my scenery quite that drastically since I HATE the cold. Freezing paint has no draw in it for me... :-)


jdr said...

I wish I could have been sitting there with you!! Not painting, but just being there enjoying your company.
I like the idea of some snowy pictures, since that is what we see here for (sigh) half the year it seems!!

Barbara M. said...

Hi Nicki,

This is beyond beautiful. The seeking artist in you found the answer.
Boy did you. I opened this up and just went wow, wow, wowowowow.

I get so excited looking at how you paint -- your colour, your skill.


Nicki said...

Hi Sheila,

Heehee, yes, I am married to a good guy... don't get me wrong- we have had our share of glitches, but he is on my side that is for sure! :o) Let me know if you need a swab and I will see what I can do!

Glad you like this one!


Hi Don,

I never would have thought freezing paint would have been a draw for me, but desperate times call for desperate measures! You never know a winter in Canada might give you new inspiration too... I'm thinking maybe the mask of an ice princess!


Hi JJ,

Hey, anytime! Come sit with me while I paint... bring me coffee! :0) You can read an Oprah magazine and we can chat!


Hi Barbara,

Your comment made me go "Wow"! Thank you so much for such a great response to this piece. I do feel like this plein air adventure might have woken me up a bit. And I need it, just like I need the encouraging comments you always leave. Thank you.

Hugs to you,