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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Over The Point

Over The Point
oil on canvas

This is a calmer cloud painting with a gentler atmosphere than the last few I have posted. I finished it last week and liked it when I left the studio, but while I was away from it I got thinking that maybe it was boring. So when I went back to the studio I planned to change it, but then seeing in person I liked it again and left it alone. Over the weekend, however, I went through the same thing in my mind because it is so different from my other little skies. I got thinking this one didn't have enough substance. But yesterday I got to the studio and liked it again, so I decided to leave it. Oh, the indecision! In the end, I have decided I do like it. I like it's simplicity, I like how calm it feels, I like the feel of those soft clouds rolling in over the point (of Fairy Island at Emma Lake). I like that there is colour in these clouds, but much more subdued than in the previous cloud paintings. And I like the little wispy cloud on the top left. So there you have it. It will be left as it was originally painted.

A bit of news... I am in the process of taking part in my first online challenge! I hope to post the little painting very soon, maybe in the next day or two. The subject I chose is very different for me and it is something I have been wanting to try... a portrait! But it is not what you think... and it has been a great learning exercise for me. Hopefully after a bit more tweaking this afternoon it will be ready to submit and then show to you! 


Sheila said...

Yes ! Leave it alone! I like it too! It brings a smile to my face and a sense of calmness to my soul.

I'm looking forward to seeing your challenge piece my dear!

Anonymous said...

hey Nicki, you have captured space and air and ditto what Sheila said! i never really know what my paintings look like til i go away and come back to them: the result is one or all of the following: horror, laughter, shock, 'someone's turned a light on in my one brain cell and i know what to do', or leave it:))

Nicki said...

Hi Sheila,

Thank you! I'm glad it gives you that sense of calm! I am so happy!

After I finish replying to you and Rahina in these comments, I will be posting my challenge entry, so stay tuned.


Hi Rahina,

Ha! Yes, it is good to walk away, but always stinks when you return and the painting is way worse than you remember it being when you left it. I can't even blame my kids for tampering with things because the studio is not in my home! At any rate, I'm glad you like this one and that you feel the space and air.

By the way,I like the new photo.

Take care,