Thursday, November 12, 2009

Something Nicer To Look At

all are 10x10
Shades of Gray Day -sold
Will The Rain Come? -sold
Find What's Not There -sold

It has been an emotional few days and just when I think I am doing okay something happens and I realize I am not. I couldn't find Sammy after school today. The panic and fear had me almost hyperventilating. Turns out he was playing in the skating rink area in the school playground and I couldn't see him over the boards. A good cry and lots of hugs and I was okay. I just want to keep my little fellas with me and never let them out of my sight again. Not very realistic I realize. Thank you to everyone who left a comment on my last post- it means a lot to me that you are thinking of us and I sincerely appreciate your good wishes.

Anyway, I thought I should post something more pleasant to look at and start moving those miserable accident shots down towards the archives! All of these paintings were done en plein air this summer at Emma Lake. They were painted on the most humid day I have ever experienced in this province and the acrylics behaved much like I imagine oil paint would. They were purchased at my reception as a series by a very special couple and I hope these paintings give them many many years of joy. Of all my paintings in the show, I would say that these three seemed to attract the most attention. They received many comments.... people really loved them! I hope we get more humid days on the prairies next year so I can try this again!

Stay safe everyone and love the ones you are with!


Anonymous said...

hey Nicki, i was shocked to hear about your accident but thank goodness you guys are all okay:) these paintings are wonderful! such an energy and freshness about them. and congratulations on your sales. r

Liza Hirst said...

Found your blog through Barbara Muir and am very pleased about that! These paintings are beautiful and I can see why they were so well received! Congratualtions on so many sales!
Your accident story is incredible -
you described it so vividly that I had the feeling I actually saw it happen - so happy for you that you are all ok!!!

Diana Marshall said...

These 3 paintings look like they were painted with oils, never thought of painting a grey day, these are really interesting and moody.

Nicki said...

Hi Rahina,
I'm still shocked too! Thank you so much for stopping by and yes, I am so very thankful we are ultimately okay.
I think these paintings are a bit different from my others- the paint acted so unlike acrylic that it really made me loosen up and experiment.
Take care,

Hi Liza,
So nice to meet you! Thank you for coming to look at my blog and sorry you were met with such a shock of a story! I appreciate you comments on my paintings and thank you for your well wishes.
Kind regards,

Hi Diana,
Yes, the paint was not itself that day and it made for a lot of fun. I was painting outside so I had no choice but to make the weather work for me and paint the grayness that was there. It was fun mixing lots of different grays... which actually can hold so much colour even if it is subtle.
Thanks for stopping by,

Lisa Daria said...

Shades of Gray Day - are really beautiful - they still look cheery - the brush strokes full of impact and I'm happy to see you are working with acrylic in such a masterful way -

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Nicki,

These are just wonderful -- so lively and abstract! I am glad you're moving away from the accident, and its horrific images. Your art is so life affirming, it must give you comfort just looking at what you've created. The other is just what it's called "an accident" and as soon as everyone is healed it will disappear into the past. But your paintings carry the message of vital, joyous life and are just wonderful. Here's to a speedy recovery and life moving on.


Janie B said...

Beautiful, as usual.

Sounds like that emotional healing hasn't taken place yet. Give it time.

Nicki said...

Hi Lisa,

Nice to meet you and thank you for such positive comments. I had a quick peak at your blog and I am anxious to go back and spend more time looking. I love your colours and loose brush strokes.


Hi Barbara,

Thank you so much for sharing your impression of these paintings. They were fun to do and I felt alive as I painted them and I was excited because I felt like I was learning something new about the paint.

Yes, baby steps and time will keep me moving away from the memories of the crash. It has me on a bit of an emotional roller coaster, but we are together and okay and we will get better every day.

Thank you for your positive and hopeful words.

XO Nicki

Hi Janie,

Glad you like these ones.

Yes, I had a few rough days this past week and I am sure there are a few more to come, but I'll get there... we all will.


suzanneberry said...

These are extraordinary! You are such an inspiration. So strong and positive. I'm so thrilled about your show and sales. I'm so sorry you experienced such a fright at school. you must be about ready for things to go smoothly for a bit. Stay strong. Your work is beautiful.

Nicki said...

Hi Suzanne,

Wow, thank you! And you are so right... I would love for things to go smoothly for awhile! It has been a crazy fall. Actually, like I said in one of my very first posts, it has been a difficult year... and these last few weeks have certainly added to that statement. But hey... 2010 is around the corner and I think it is gonna be a good one!

Take care,