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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Studio Tasks

painting edges
© Nicki Ault, 2017

I didn't work at the studio at all last week as my son was home sick. I am so grateful that I have the flexibility with my schedule that I can make last minute changes to my plans if someone needs me.

We had a lovely May long weekend getting the yard cleaned up and spending time together, but I was ready to get my head back in the game today when everyone was healthy and went where they were supposed to go!

Yesterday I spent the first bit of the morning scrolling through Instagram, then making a post of my own. Check it out... take a "Shelfie" (a photo of your bookshelf) and post it with #ownabookgiveabook. McDonald's Canada has partnered with First Book Canada to get 20,000 books into the hands of kids in need. They will donate a book for every "Shelfie" posted!

I have been back-and-forth on the painting edges issue and I finally made my decision. I have always painted the edges of my 6x6's but it is a tedious task so awhile ago I decided to stop. But then I felt guilty and would offer it if a person wanted- especially if they weren't planning to frame right away. Well, at the Mother's Day Tea I sold three 6x6's to one person; two had edges painted and one didn't. She actually didn't notice, but of course I did, so I said I would match it to the others. The truth is, it really does look better when the edges are painted on the little ones. So now that I am being honest with myself, I am committing to that task. Twelve paintings, two coats and two hours later, the job was done. It's times like these that a studio assistant would come in handy... or at least a cabana boy to fan me and bring me beverages while I do the tedious studio tasks.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Nicki,

I love how your edges look painted white, and debated that for my last show, but decided to go with black as I have for awhile.

The sponge brush is a gift from the gods in this process. Love all of your paintings. They look amazing, and I am always inspired by you.


Nicki said...

I will have to try a sponge brush, although I have an old, old brush that is the perfect width for this particular job and I don't use it for anything else. I am a bit superstitious about changing!