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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Adding to My Collection

I am so excited! Yesterday I received the beautiful and funky floral still life abstract painting that I bought from Lisa Daria Kennedy. She is one of the daily painters I have been watching and swooning over for the past five or so years. This is painting #2303 for her. Can you imagine that dedication? It is impressive to say the least. One of my other favourites, Abbey Ryan, just celebrated her eighth year of daily painting and today my painting hero, Edward B. Gordon is on painting #3168. The king of them all is Duane Keiser who pioneered the daily painting movement in 2004. His work is breathtaking. Please click on the links to learn more about each artist and to see the work they create.

So yes, with the purchase of "#2303 Beak" I have added to my sub-collection of Lisa Daria Kennedy paintings (I have five now) as well as my over-all collection of work by artists I admire. The shear joy and excitement I felt when I found the package in the mail is what I can only hope my clients feel when they receive my boxes. This summer I have shipped paintings to Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna and I have paintings waiting to go to Mexico! It is a wild ride and I love it!

I have said it before and I will say it again... there is something, a certain je ne sais quoi, about owning and living with original art. I don't say that because I am trying to convince people to buy my work, I say that because I have experienced it first hand. To sit and look at a piece that belongs to you, an original piece of art nowhere else to be found, to imagine the mood of the artist, the thought process, the skill and vision they have. And the passion! It moves me to another place. And to know I am supporting an artist in their journey is huge to me. Huge. I will support original art when I can... like the simple and stunning faux vase I bought from Paula Cooley at Art @ Solar Gardens this past weekend. I have always wanted a piece of her work and even though buying it put me in the red for the weekend, I knew it was the piece I had to have. It was the one.

Can you blame me? It is a delight. And trust me, I am delighted. 

Thank you Lisa, thank you Paula!

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