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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tired and Happy

Well, I am very, very tired, but very, very content. The Open Studio was a huge success in so many ways! It was busy right from the start, people enjoyed the art and conversation, food and drink was consumed and some paintings found new homes. I was thrilled to see so many familiar faces and meet some people with whom I have had email and Facebook contact. I want to say a special thank you to a few friends that have been going through some difficult times, but still came out to offer support. Life can be cruel and it is hard to see those you care about struggle, but a little art therapy is often a good short-term remedy!

Here are some photos of my space as it looked just before we opened the doors to the public. The space right beside mine came available earlier this month and I am 95% certain I will move out of the "entrance" to this more private location. I have been happy in my "doorway"; I am attached to it, but this could be a good change. I am somewhat hesitant because the building where our studio is located is for sale. We really don't know what will happen when it is purchased - we may be asked to leave, we may be asked to stay, but the rent could go up, or it could stay as is.

I think I will live on the edge and take my chances. If I relocate and then we are asked to leave in a month well, so be it.

Above you can see the space beyond mine where I will move. For the Open Studio we used it as a gallery space (we each put in one piece of art) and as a place to house the refreshments. I don't know which artist thought up the idea, but it was a good one.

I'm ready for a good sleep!


Pierre Raby said...

Congratulations Nicki for your labor of love, the whole group of paintings look great together, happy to read that the Open Studio was a success! Also, I love your "Morning On The Trail" painting, the glorious tapestry of colors and textures is simply mind blowing, wonderful!

Nicki said...

Hi Pierre,

It was a wonderful day at the Open Studio. I am always surprised at how completely exhausted I am at the end of it. An artist friend helped me set up my space- she is so good at that kind of thing and it was tricky this year with the addition of some of my abstract work. I liked the way it looked in the end.

Thanks for your great comment regarding "Morning on the Trail". I am thoroughly enjoying the subject and have plans for more.

All the best to you,

Barbara Muir said...

Lovely post. What an impressive body of work. Amazing. I am inspired by you girl.

XO Barbara

Nicki said...

Thanks Barbara! It was fun to see the work right-side-up and on the wall as opposed to leaning against things and stacked this way and that as it normally is the rest of the year.

Hope you are well,
Nicki XO