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Friday, November 9, 2012

Please Buckle Up

"Embrace life. Always wear your seat belt"

Dear Friends,

This, by all accounts, began as an art blog but I also started it with the intent of sharing bits and pieces of my life and my experiences as a mother trying to make her dreams come true while her children watch. Sometimes there are powerful events that take place in our lives that we must talk about from time to time with the hopes that it might make a difference to someone.

Today is an anniversary for me. Three years ago was the reception for my first ever show at a gallery. It was a big deal and I was very excited. At the end of the event I couldn't have imagined a better day, so many friends and family came to see me and my work- it was busy and fun and paintings sold! A success in so many ways. My children attended for awhile and I was proud to share the day with them, but a five and seven year old get a bit bored at such events, so my parents eventually took them to their house. At the end of the afternoon my husband and I picked them up and as we drove away we talked about going out for dinner to celebrate. I was so tired I thought we should just go home, get our jammies on and have a Pizza Hut picnic in front of the TV. To this day I regret my decision.

My husband rerouted us and when we were about five blocks from home a woman ran a red light at the intersection we were going through and slammed right into us on the passenger side of the car. My husband saw her- I remember him saying "She's not stopping!", but I didn't have time to turn to see her, she was already crashing into us. We rolled and it truly was like slow motion. From that split second until I knew they were okay at the hospital later, all I could think of was my boys.

This is why I write about the accident again. Please make sure your children are buckled up safe and sound... and not just that... make sure they are in the correct car seat or booster for their age and size. That is a vital piece of the puzzle. Make sure if they are infants that they are facing backwards in their baby car seat  for the first year and until they reach the appropriate size and weight. Check and double check. Go to car seat clinics. Don't put young kids in the front of the vehicle if you have an airbag that could go off. Airbags pack a whollop- when my side airbag went off I actually thought it was the van caving in on me with the impact!

Take care of your precious cargo. That is my message. These things happen fast and without warning. I am so thankful our traumatic experience ended with my family in-tact and I am so sad when I hear of accidents with horrific outcomes. Seat belts are not a sure-fire guarantee, but your odds are way better if they are used correctly.

Embrace life. Always wear your seat belt.


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