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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Distant Wind Break

Distant Wind Break
6 x 6"
oil on board
© Nicki Ault, 2012 

I felt the need to pull out a prairie photo... it is almost nice enough to get outside and paint. The Grasslands are definitely calling!

I've added a few lines of upcoming events at the top of my blog. It seems like there is a lot going on right now and this will be a good way to keep it all straight and orderly for anyone who might be interested. I'm really excited about everything going on in the first half of the year. The show at O'Reilly Insurance is up and we have decided on the reception date (April 19) and now I have to get all sorted out for Gardenscapes. I will mainly be showing my 6 x 6" paintings so the big job for me right now is to get all of the shadow boxes ready and the paintings set in them. And soon I will be announcing what is likely to be the highlight of my year... it's a very special show on a very personal level.

And if you haven't already, check out and "like" my Facebook Fan Page. I now have the new Timeline...


Note: as I lay in bed last night I realized I forgot to mention that the idea for the upcoming events info. at the top of my blog came from Monika at My Sweet Prairie. She is a very talented fibre artist and didn't mind at all when I wanted to implement her idea on my blog. She will have work at Gardenscapes, too!


Kim Rempel said...

Totally curious! Your abstracted reflections are my favourites but all those prairie grasses....? A tie : ) great colors and sweeping movements Nicki.

Nicki said...

So happy you have some favorites... and as you know I have favorites of yours too! ;o)

Barbara M. said...

Love the painting. So beautiful. Great news about all the shows you're in. Good idea to run them at the top of the blog.

XO Barbara

Nicki said...

Thanks Barbara, the prairies are beautiful... I wish more people realized it.

I was laying in bed last night and realized that I hadn't mentioned my friend who does the show notice at the top of her blog. With her permission I did the same... and now your comment has reminded me that I need to add that info. to my post!

Nicki X

Monika Kinner-Whalen / My Sweet Prairie said...

Please hold this for me! I was going to paypal it but there's shipping fees.

Nicki said...

Thanks Monika! Will do!

-Don said...

Lucky Monika! She is adding a beauty to her collection. I love those splashes of cool gray in the midst of all the warm grass.

Nicki said...

I think Monika is excited.

I added those splashes after I painted the sky and I really liked the gentle vibration they gave. Thanks Don, you always notice the little details.

-Don said...

I don't consider those "little details". I consider them that extra finishing touch of a true artist.


Nicki said...

Thank you kind sir!

Monika Kinner-Whalen / My Sweet Prairie said...

I got it now - and oooh I love it. mmmm so pretty! THANK YOU! ps- let it be known that I bought an iced tea and fell $3 short to pay Nicki for it. : ) IOU three bucks. : )


Nicki said...

Thank you Monika! I'm so glad it is with you! And let it be known that I am not concerned about the $3... if it weren't for you I wouldn't have known about Gardenscape, so I'd say we are more than even!